Alessandra Ambrosio Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Alessandra Ambrosio jogging

Alessandra Corine Ambrosio was born on April 11, 1981 in Erechim, Brazil. Alessandra is a famous model best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and modeling for other high profile brands like Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange and Christian Dior.

Alessandra always wanted to be a top model and joined modeling classes at a young age of 12. She gained the No.2 spot in “Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2008” by AskMen and was placed 6th in the list of top earning models in 2012 by Forbes.

Ambrosio was selected as the first spokes model for Victoria’s Secret “PINK” line. Being a top model she has got a stunning body and killer looks. Being a mother of two Alessandra is in great shape. She takes good care of her body and beauty by a healthy diet and consistently following her workout sessions. Below is the diet plan and workout routine of Alessandra Ambrosio that you can follow to get a perfect body like her.

Physical Stats

Alessandra Ambrosio Height: 5’ 9”

Alessandra Ambrosio Weight: 112 lbs

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet Plan

Alessandra Ambrosio doesn’t follow a very strict diet. She is a foodie and loves to eat healthy. She eats everything in small portions. She prefers having small meals frequently throughout the day. Alessandra Ambrosio diet plan includes-

  • Alessandra never misses her breakfast and makes it the biggest meal of her day.
  • She prefers eggs in different varieties for her breakfast with coffee. She also likes sandwiches, bagel, and muffins sometimes in her breakfast.
  • For lunch she likes chicken with veggies or spicy tuna rolls with salad
  • She also has many snacks in a day and loves nuts and fruits for snacking
  • Her dinner includes salami, caviar and a lobster ravioli with tiramisu as dessert
  • She also loves Japanese food.
  • She likes to drink green juices

Alessandra Ambrosio Workout Routine

 Alessandra Ambrosio workout

She is a very active woman, running around two kids and managing work is enough exercise but she loves to train and follow her workout sessions regularly without miss. Alessandra Ambrosio’s workout routine includes-

  • She follows Brazil Butt-Lift workout which is a blend of capoeira, kickboxing, ballet and Afro-Brazilian dance. This exercise tightens the inner thigh and reduces extra fat on hips.
  • Alessandra  also does yoga daily for her physical and mental well being
  • She follows Pilates and spinning workout daily
  • She stayed active in both her pregnancies which helped her lose post baby fat.
  • She also plays a lot of beach volleyball to stay active and it also helped her lose post baby fat
  • Ambrosio loves swimming.

Alessandra Ambrosio Workout Tips

  • Eat whatever you like but eat in small portions
  • Workout daily to stay fit
  • Play any outdoor game or swim, it will affect your whole body and you will feel more active and fit

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