Amanda Seyfried Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Michelle Seyfried was born on December 3, 1985 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Amanda is a famous Hollywood actress and singer. She started her career in showbiz as a child model when she was 11. She started off with some uncredited roles at the age of 15 moving on to more prominent roles. She made her film debut in 2004 with “Mean Girls” alongside Lindsay Lohan. She has acted in many hit films and Television series and is an established and popular actress of Hollywood now.

28 years old Amanda is hugely popular for acting as well as her petite body and attractive looks. The multi-talented actress takes care of her toned body with intense workouts and healthy diets. Let’s checkout gorgeous Amanda Seyfried’s workout routine and diet plan.

Physical Stats

Amanda Seyfried Height: 5’ 3.5”

Amanda Seyfried Weight: 108 lbs

Amanda Seyfried Diet Plan

She believes that diet is an integral part of life to stay healthy and fit. Amanda Seyfried’s diet includes five small meals a day.

  • Her diet comprises of food having low fat, proper carbs and sufficient protein
  • Her breakfast includes fresh fruits, raw vegetables and some healthy drink
  • For midday snacking she prefers milk or anything made from milk or protein bars to get natural protein
  • For lunch she treats herself with a big slice of fat free pizza
  • Her evening snacks comprises of a big glass of fresh fruit juice
  • She eats a low carb diet at night
  • She stays away from all artificially sweetened drinks

Amanda Seyfried Workout Routine

Amanda Seyfried workout

She follows her workout regimen religiously daily for around an hour. Amanda Seyfried’s workout routine comprises of-

  • Cardio warm up by Running, rope jumping or cycling for half an hour
  • Bent over dumbbell rows to maintain her upper body strength
  • Double crunches for attractive shoulders
  • Reverse lunges for lower body strength and to reduce excess fats from thighs
  • She also follows Pilates and yoga
  • At weekends she prefers stretching and dancing

Amanda Seyfried Workout Tips

  • Follow your workout religiously
  • Eat healthy and balanced diet
  • Stay away from artificially sweetened products

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