Cheryl Burke Workout Routine & Diet Plan

cheryl burke workout

Born on May 3, 1984 in San Francisco, California, U.S. Cheryl Stephanie Burke aka Cheryl Burke is a famous professional dancer. She started learning her ballet and Latin dance lessons when she was four years old and today she is in the league of top professional dancers and choreographers. She came to limelight when selected as a professional dancer for the ABC’s series “Dancing with the Stars”. She was the first professional to win the show and she won it twice consecutively. Cheryl won her first championship with Drew Lachey a member of band “98 Degrees” in second season. She consecutively won the third season with Emmitt Smith a retired football star. She is the only professional dancer to get into the finals for four times on the show.

Apart from her brilliant dancing skills the diva is also popular for her good looks and fit body. So let’s have a look at how the dancing diva stays so fit all the time, here is Cheryl Burke workout routine & diet plan.

Physical Stats

Cheryl Burke Height: 5’ 4”

Cheryl Burke Weight: 128 lbs

Cheryl Burke Diet Plan

  • Shee does not go for any specific diet and eats healthy and nutritious food.
  • She mostly snacks on Sargento Cheese which is a great source of protein.
  • Her day starts with a whole wheat toast and egg whites.
  • She always tries to has her dinner before 8.00pm
  • She loves Caesar Salad and lean meat
  • She tries to eat foods made with lesser ingredients
  • When she’s craving for something sweet she eats a banana with peanut butter or hummus
  • She loves pasta but indulges in it only once a month.

Cheryl Burke Workout Routine

 cheryl burke exercise

  • Cheryl Burke is a dancer and doesn’t need to exercise much but she trains with her private trainer three days a week
  • She does cross training
  • Her workout also include plyometrics
  • She loves to run and treadmill running is one of her favorite exercise
  • She loves to dance and says Jazzercise is her favorite exercise. She dances her way to stay fit and in shape.

Cheryl Burke Workout Tips

  • Find some physical activity and fit it into your workout. It will keep you motivated and active.
  • Eat healthy and balanced diet
  • Dance to stay fit

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