Cam Gigandet Workout Routine

An American actor, Cam Gigandet was born on August 16, 1982 in Washington. He started his acting career in college while made his debut as a special appearance on an episode of CSI (Crime scene investigation) in the year 2003. He made his breakthrough on a teen soap The O.C., where he played a bad boy surfer. Though, he put in more efforts on television during his early days, but at last he made his debut in films too.


Few of his movies are Twilight, Never back down, Burlesque, The Experiment, Seal Team Six(2012), Trespass(2011), Priest(2011), The Roommate(2011) and many more. Cam also won the MTV Movie Award for Best fight in 2008 for Never back down.

Cam Gigandet has a super lean, athletic and ripped body and has become a heartthrob in the world. Cam Gigandet Workout for Never Back Down movie was very appreciated. It is said that Cam has 6-8% body fat and he maintains it through his great and intense workout schedule.

Physical Stats

Cam Gigandet Height: 6′ (1.83 m)

Cam Gigandet Weight: 160 lbs

Cam Gigandet Workout Routine


Monday (Day 1)


3 sets of push ups of 25 reps

3 sets of nautilus presses of 15 reps

3 sets of nautilus incline presses of 15-20 reps

3 sets of pec deck machine of 15 reps

4 sets of bench press of 6 reps

4 sets of dumbbell fly of 8 reps

4 sets of incline dumbbell press of 8 reps


Tuesday (Day 2)


3 sets of 5 pull ups

3 sets of seated rows of 15-20 reps

3 sets of lat pull downs of 15 reps

3 sets of T bar rows of 20 reps


Wednesday (Day 3)


3 sets of arnold presses of 20 reps

3 sets of dumbbell lateral raises of 15 reps

3 sets of dumbbell front raises of 15 reps

4 sets of dumbbell overhead press of 8 reps

4 sets of lateral raise of 12 reps

4 sets of front raise of 12 reps

4 sets of shrugs of 8-10 reps


Thursday (Day 4)

Biceps and Triceps

3 sets of nautilus curls of 15 reps

3 sets of Z bar cable curls of 10-15 reps

3 sets of dumbbell hammer curls of 15 reps

3 sets of tricep press downs of 15-20 reps


Friday (Day 5)

Cardio work

Treadmill running for 45 minutes at 65-75% of maximum heart rate


Saturday (Day 6)

Rest day


Sunday (Day 7)

Rest day


Cam Gigandet Workout Tips


– For beginners, music is the most lucrative aspect for motivating workout. Music brings rhythm and consistency in workout regime.

– There must be equilibrium in your diet and workout routine in order to enhance the results.

– The best warm up is running on treadmill. It not only tones up the body, but also counts in your cardio exercises.

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