Rachel Bilson Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Rachel Bilson

Born on August 25, 1981 in Los Angeles, California Rachel Sarah Bilson is a popular American actress. Rachel made her on-screen debut in 2003 with television drama series “The O.C” portraying Summer Roberts. Her character became vastly popular and she started getting film offers. Rachel made her Hollywood debut with “The Last Kiss” in 2006. She went on to star in many movies including “Jumper”. Presently she is starring in “Hart of Dixie” playing Dr. Zoe Hart in the show.

Rachel is 32 years old but still looks like a teenager. She has enviable cute looks and a petite fat free body. She has maintained her svelte figure with strict diet and tough workout sessions. So let’s have a look at the diet and workout routine of Rachel Bilson.

Physical Stats

Rachel Bilson Height: 5’ 2”

Rachel Bilson Weight: 106 lbs

Rachel Bilson Diet Plan

  • She follows a strict diet plan named ABCDEF to stay in shape.
  • ABCDEF goes for Avoiding Alcohol, Bread, Carbs, Dairy, Extra Sweets and Fats. She does not consume any of the mentioned foods.
  • She loves to cook healthy meals at home and often prepare dinner for her and her boyfriend.
  • She loves eating egg whites, lean meats and fresh vegetables.
  • Candy is her weakness and she always has some candies in her bag.
  • While shooting she snacks on granola bars and apple.

Rachel Bilson Workout Routine

rachel bilson body figure

Although Rachel is not so much of a gym person but she still exercises 5 times a week. Rachel Bilson workout routine includes-

  • Her workout starts with 20 minutes of cardio exercises
  • She does squats and lunges after cardio
  • She also follow resistance training with light weights
  • Her Workout ends with “10 minute total body workout routine” which consists of 3 main exercises- Spider man push-ups, Prone Scissors and double crunches. It targets her whole body from arms to legs.
  • When she is not in a mood to go to a gym she loves to dance and play some tennis.

Rachel Bilson Workout Tips

  • If you don’t want to go to a gym do some physical activity at home
  • Stay away from alcohol and other aerated drinks
  • Drink plenty of water daily

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