How to Build Biceps

Sponsored Before knowing how to build biceps, you should know the structure of biceps: Understanding the role of the muscles you are using during a exercise can help you perform the exercises with the best possible moves and their effect on the muscles. Hence,

How To Build Muscles

Sponsored Do you want to know how to build muscles? If yes, then you are at the right place! Read the article, follow the steps carefully and we promise you’ll surely get the results. Putting on muscle is not a overnight process, it takes

Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Floyd Mayweather is a bad ass and intense looking man who doesn’t see anyone around him once he starts training. He is often called by the title undefeated because of his 48-0 score in a fight or rather battle with Manny Pacquiao. This fight

Conor McGregor Workout Routine & Diet Plan

McGregor’s training principles are slightly different from the others, who doesn’t believe in a strict monotonous routine. He likes to listen to his body and go with the flow. “I wake up, I drink water, I stretch, I begin to loosen up, and then

Tom Holland Workout Routine & Diet Plan

You must have seen how spectacular Tom Holland looks in his movie, Spiderman Homecoming. His body is giving people some real fitness goals. You have seen the star before in The Impossible and a short cameo in Captain America Civil War but you have