Stephen Amell Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Born on May 8, 1981, Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor. He first appeared on the TV series Queer in 2004. He is quite famous for his role and his amazing ripped body on the TV show ‘Arrow.’

Stephen Amell Arrow poster

Other of his works include: Stay With Me (2011), Closing The Ring (2007), The House Next Door, The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice, Justice For Natalee Holloway and many more.

He is acclaimed to have a great physique, Stephen Amell’s exercise and diet plan for Arrow is very famous among fitness enthusiasts.

Stephen Amell Physical Stats

stephen amell body

Stephen Amell Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)

Stephen Amell Weight: 82 Kg / 180 lbs

Stephen Amell Workout Routine

Stephen Amell Body Muscles in Arrow

Workout A (Chest/Triceps/Abs)

4 sets of Incline dumbbell press of 6-8 reps

4 sets of Flat bench press of 10-12 reps

3 sets of weighted dips of 8-10 reps

4 sets of tricep rope extension of 10-12 reps

3 sets of hanging leg raises of 10 reps


Workout B (Legs/Calves)

4 sets of rack pulls of 5 rps

4 sets of dumbbell Bulgarian

3 sets of Weighted hyperextension of 8-10 reps

5 sets of Calf raise (any variation) of 12 reps


Workout C (Back/ Biceps/ Abs)

4 sets of Weighted chin ups of 6-8 reps

4 sets of Barbell row of 6-8 reps

3 sets of Barbell curls of 8-10 reps

3 sets of Hammer curls of 8-10 reps

3 sets of Hanging leg raises of 10 reps


Stephen Amell Workout Tips

Stephen Amell Abs

  • Though one must focus on compound exercises but never ignore isolation exercises as well.
  • Make sure that you have calorie surplus in your body especially youngsters.


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