Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

Taylor Lautner’s Workout Routine to become “Jacob Black”, a guy with a toned and ripped body..!!

Since the release of the official trailer of New moon, Taylor Lautner has surprised all of us by transforming his physique and adding 30 pounds of muscle weight within 9 months. There are many guys who are curious to know his workout plan and fitness regime.

Taylor Lautner Body

Taylor Lautner’s personal trainer, Jordan Yuam revealed some fitness secrets about  Lautner’s bodybuilding secrets.

There are following 9 Mantra’s for getting a body like Taylor Lautner:

Taylor Jacob taylor lautner


According to Lautner’s trainer, His workout routine is only of 50 minutes. He doesn’t believe in doing exercises for hours. He says for skinny people like Lautner, a hour in a gym is sufficient. In addition he does 10 minutes of stretching exercises and 15 minutes of abdominal exercises.


Every muscle of your body part needs rest. The workout plan of Taylor Lautner is only of 3 days a week. Yuam says “It’s the recovery time when the muscle growth occurs”.


For getting bigger muscles, you need to do lifting heavy weights. Taylor pushed himself to lift 40% more weight of what he can lift normally. Try it, its tough to do but the results are amazing !

taylor lautner bodybuilding at gym


Change your workout schedule, exercises and weight lifts in a frequent manner so that your body gets used to adapt changes. More the adapting tendency your body has more the muscle growth power they have. Lautner frequently varied the reps and the amount of his weight lifts.


Using free weights is easy but they have a drawback hat some part of the weight lifts are easier while some are difficult, so the consistency of workout get affected. Luatner use to attach a banf to the dumbbell or bar he lifts so that more tension is created by the band that makes it hard to lift the weight.


If you are planning to gain weight, keep this thing in mind that don’t overdose your cardio exercises otherwise it may result in a negative way for you. Taylor Lautner says, “I was exercising so hard that I began to lose weight”.

Wokoutinfoguru’s suggestion: Focus more on weight lifting exercises if you are planning to gain weight


Do not hit your abs every time you step into your gym, you’ll never get six pack abs by doing this. Lautner targeted his abs only 3 days a week, and did combination of whole body exercises so that his entire body muscles get well toned in a well balanced manner.

Taylor Lautner BodySTEP TO THE SIDE

Almost every weight lifting exercise mainly involves moving forward and backward, but you also need to keep check on the other directions also if you want to have a versatile body. Lautner needed a versatile body because he performs his own stunts on the screen.

Wokoutinfoguru’s suggestion: Add few sets of lunges and lateral hops into your leg workout exercises schedule.


It is necessary to give time to your body for repairing. According to Lautner there are three main keys of bodybuilding: Training, Eating and Recovery. Lautner takes every third day off and only workouts 5 days a week.

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