Best Thigh & Leg Workouts For Women

  • Have you always felt that you need to lose weight from your thighs and legs?
  • Do you always struggle pulling your jeans over your thighs and butt?
  • Well, then this post has come to your rescue.

Women either are too skinny or are on the chubby side continuously stuck in a dilemma comparing their bodies with the girls having a perfect body. Well, setting goals is good only if you work out in the direction hailing towards achieving them.

A well-toned lower body demands a lot of effort and tremendous workout routine. Okay, before we get started with the best thigh and leg workouts for you let’s do a little justice and add up that beforehand, you need to cut down on your calories intake as well. Slimmer legs demand a rigorous workout plan followed along with a diet chart with reduced calorie intake up to at least 500 calories on a daily basis. Once you resolve to eat right then, you can head on to various thighs and leg workouts that will help you lose that extra chub.

1. Lunges


Bend one leg backward so that it is in a parallel position to the floor while the other leg stays stiff at 90 degrees with your feet touching the ground. These are lunges that help loosen extra fat from ankles to thighs and everything in between. Do them in sets of 20-30 lunges per leg and then switch to the other leg. While you are in a perfect position, hold yourself like that for a few seconds to put pressure on the leg muscles. Lunges tend to tire you a lot in the initial days but are extremely helpful, you will see.

2. The Leg Lift

Leg Lift

The next leg exercise to strengthen your quads is the leg lift. Keep a chair in front of you. Raise one leg so that it flexes out to be 90 degrees with your (the upper body region). Keep the other leg straight touching the ground. Stay in this position until the time it continues to hurt a little, and you feel that pressure on the quad muscles of the lifted leg. Again, repeat it with the reverse leg and do it in sets of 15 leg lifts per leg.

3. Farmer’s Walk On Toes

Farmer’s Walk On Toes

This one certainly targets your calves and toes. All you need to do is hold dumbbells in both your hands and then start walking on your toes. You must make sure that the dumbbells are lifted up to arms length only. This is a popular leg exercise and is famous for the n11`ame farmer’s walk. Continue walking for about a minutes with your toes lifted and dumbbells in your hands for good results.

4. The Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat


Squat your way to perfect legs, hamstrings, and thighs. The goblet squat puts pressure on your hip region as well as you bend your knees with a dumbbell in your hands. Goblet squat includes holding a dumbbell vertically against your chest in your hands. Do squats as you bend downwards and push your butt backward and repeat. Assume that you are holding a massive goblet in your hands.

5. Criss Cross Jacks

Criss Cross Jacks

An effective exercise to lose weight from inner thighs is criss-cross power jacks. Start with your feet together initially. Jump with your feet apart while your hands cross above your head. Then, jump back to the initial position and arms crisscrossed with each other at chest level. Do this repeatedly. Power jacks are known to known to engage all of your body in weight loss especially the inner thighs.

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