Karan Singh Grover Workout Routine & Diet Plan

The heartthrob Karan Singh Grover is very well known for his sculpted physique and muscular body. Having being quoted as the “Salman Khan” of Indian television he makes sure to live upto that in any way possible. His mantra towards a healthy lifestyle is to have a healthy mind and body and working out rejuvenates the same.

Physical Stats

Height – 5 ft 9.5 inches or 1.77 m

Weight – 77 kg or 170 pounds

Karan Singh Grover Body

Karan Singh Grover Workout Routine

  • Being sloppy in no way, Karan pays a great deal of attention towards his fitness. He leaves nothing behind when it comes to keeping his body healthy and in shape.
  • Giving importance to his workout he usually hits the gym five days a week either in the mornings or in the evening.
  • Karan’s daily workout routine is divided into two parts:
    • Cardio workouts (40%)
    • Weight training (60%)
  • The secret behind his perfectly sculpted physique is that he believes in paying attention towards one particular muscle at a time, to accomplish which he has allocated each day towards various muscles and body parts.
    • Mondays for toning back muscles
    • Tuesdays for chest and shoulder workouts
    • Wednesdays for his arms
    • Thursdays for his legs workout
  • He makes sure to end his workouts with stretches and includes a lot of sports and other activities in his workout as well like swimming, running, B-boying, etc
  • Not a fanatic for six pack abs his approach towards his training is to stay fit, stimulate his energy and refresh his body and mind.
Karan Singh Grover's body in movie "Alone"

Karan Singh Grover’s body in movie “Alone”


Karan Singh Grover Diet Plan

  • He is quite specific about what he eats and divides his meals into 6 small portions a day.
  • He begins his day with a protein shake and enjoys white oats with fruits in breakfast.
  • For lunch he likes eating boiled/baked chicken, salad, dal chapatti or gravy with brown rice.
  • His dinner is more or less same as his lunch only that he does not eat carbs after 5:00 pm.
  • For in between snacks he prefers fresh fruits and vegetables and juices.
  • Following this diet strictly six days a week he feels it is perfectly fine to give in to your cravings for that one day.


Fitness Tips by Karan Singh Grover

  • The vital ingredients for a healthy body are workouts, proper diet and proper sleep.
  • Understand your body and you will understand what type of workout suits your body.
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Regular variation in your workout will help in keeping away the monotony.
  • In the end have a healthy and good lifestyle and be happy.

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