Miranda Kerr Workout Routine & Diet Plan

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Born on April 20, 1983 in Sydney, Australia Miranda Kerr is a famous Australian supermodel. Miranda’s modeling career started at a young age of 13 with Chaay’s Modeling Agency. She instantly rose to fame in 2007 as one of “Victoria’s Secret” Angels. She is the first Australian to get a chance and model for Victoria’s Secret .She has also modeled for Australian fashion chain “David Jones”. She is one of the most prominent super models and has launched her own skincare brand with the name “Kora Organics”. She got married to Hollywood superstar Orlando Bloom in 2010 but separated in 2013.

Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel she has got stunning looks with a svelte and sexy body. She works hard to stay in top shape and does not follow any extreme diets. So, how does she do it? Here is the detailed diet and workout routine Miranda follows to maintain her well toned supermodel figure. Let’s checkout Miranda Kerr’s workout routine & diet plan.

Physical Stats

Miranda Kerr Height: 5’ 9”

Miranda Kerr Weight: 115 lbs

Miranda Kerr Diet Plan

She does not believe in following any extreme diet and prefers a balanced and healthy diet. Miranda Kerr’s diet plan includes:-

  • She only eats organic foods and believes that it keeps her healthy and helps in losing weight.
  • She keeps varying her meals and doesn’t eat same thing every day
  • Her breakfast includes –
    • Boiled eggs with avocado and Rye toast
    • Muesli and Fresh fruit salad with yogurt
  • Snacks Include-
    • Green Tea or Lemonade with Almonds, walnuts and pecans
  • Her lunch consist of spelt crisp breads with fresh tuna salad
  • She takes a healthy dinner with a fish or salmon steak with vegetables or salad.
  • She drinks around 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day.
  • She also loves to drink unprocessed fresh juices as it provides important minerals and vitamins.

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Miranda Kerr Workout Routine

Miranda Kerr works out for 3 to 4 times a week for 1 hour 15 minutes with her celebrity trainer Justin Gelband to stay fit and slim. Kerr’s workout includes-

  • Miranda Kerr’s workout session consists of 5-10minutes warm up exercises, 15 minutes of stretching, 30 minutes working on her long legs and 30 minutes working on her balance and arms.
  • She runs for 5 km daily with her trainer
  • She does a mixture of resistor balls, boxing and a lot of weight training to tone up her abs and arms
  • Her workout also includes leg praises, leg extensions and calf raises to keep her long legs lean and toned.
  • Her workout regimen also includes doing Pilates and yoga
  • She enjoys doing Kundalini yoga which helps in balancing and energizing the body

Miranda Kerr Workout & Diet Tips

  • Keep mixing your exercise and do exercises that you enjoy doing
  • Buy sexy gym wear to keep yourself motivated to go to the gym
  • Do not follow any extreme diet and instead try to follow a healthy lifestyle

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