Lady Gaga Workout Routine & Diet Plan

The American singer, songwriter, actress, composer all in all the sensational pop star Lady Gaga is not only known for her music and out of the box wardrobe choices but also for her fit and toned body with killer abs. Her stage performances where she pulls off difficult dance moves with the utmost ease is an undeniable fact that she possesses a great deal of strength and flexibility.

Lady Gaga

Physical Stats

Height – 5 ft 1 inch or 1.55 m

Weight – 49 kg or 108 pounds

Lady Gaga Workout Routine

  • Dancing has always helped her be in shape more or less but to take it a notch higher and attain that incredible toned body shape, Gaga follows the ‘5-Factor Workout’ by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.
  • The key factor behind the 5-Factor program is to train smart. A workout that keeps you moving throughout, constantly shifting between the targeted body areas so that you stay in the fat burning zone all the time.
  • She is very focused on her workout on diet. She follows her workout routine 5 days a week for about 25-30 minutes or even an hour when she has the time leaving Saturdays and Sundays for only cardio.
  • Her workout is made up of five phases:
    • A cardio warm up (upto 5 minutes)
    • A circuit of upper body strength (4 sets of x 20 reps with no rest b/w sets)
    • A circuit of lower body strength (4 sets of x 20 reps with no rest b/w sets)
    • A circuit of abdominal strength (4 sets of x 20 reps with no rest b/w sets)
    • A cardio cool down ( 5 minutes, increase upto 30 minutes if u have time)
  • Her exercises include
    • Rope skipping, jogging in place, treadmill, elliptical, side shuffles, stair jumps, hill climbing for cardio warm up and cool down.
    • Dumbbell bench press, bicep curls into O/H press, triceps extension, dumbbell chest fly, dumbbell pullover, DB hammer curls for her upper body.
    • Dumbbell lunges, skater lunges, dumbbell tap squats, DB stiff legged deadlift, jump squats for her lower body.
    • Upper body crunches, mountain climbers, reverse crunches, abdominal twists, double crunches, foreman plank for her abdominal strength.
    • She uses the Harley bars for most of her exercises and even carries them with her on tours.
  • Along with her routine workout she also indulges herself in Yoga for stretching and gaining strength and flexibility.
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga arriving at LAX – Photo by PrPhotos

Lady Gaga Diet Plan

  • A good workout followed by a good diet is the key to her perfect shape. She follows the diet strictly and even enjoys it.
  • Just like her workout, Gaga follows the 5-Factor diet which allows her to eat have 5 times in a day (2 meals and 3 snacks). Foods with lean protein, low glycemic carbs, healthy fats, fiber and sugar free beverages form part of this diet.
  • The types of food that she includes in her diet are:
    • Pancakes made with whole wheat flour, fat free milk, fruits for breakfast.
    • Salads, coconut water, turkey, sugar free beverages, green chips for lunch and snacks.
    • Fish, vegetable, salad, tofu for dinner.
  • Another benefit of the diet is that a cheat once a week is allowed where she enjoys her favorite foods like pasta. nachos, etc.

Lady Gaga Workout & Diet Tips

  • One should have a consistent workout routine which will enable them to stay fit and healthy.
  • Keep a healthy diet along with your workout as both of them together are the success mantra of a fit and healthy body.
  • Believe in the power of Yoga.

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