Katy Perry Workout Routine & Diet Plan


Born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson commonly known by her stage name Katy Perry is a well known pop artist, actress and businesswoman.  Katy released her debut album “Kate Hudson” in 2001 but she gained fame and media attention with her 2007 release of “Ur so Gay” and established herself in the world of music with her smash hit second album “One of the Boys” in 2008. In the year 2010 Katy released her third album “Teenage Dream” with many singles in US Billboard Hot 100. In 2013 her fourth album “Prism” debuted at number with the hit single “Roar”. Katy has won several awards for her hit music including Grammy Awards. She has been nominated eleven times for Grammy awards. Billboard declared her as the Woman of the Year in 2012.

Known for her top of the charts singles and her hot svelte body Katy has established herself in the league of top pop artists. She is very popular for her good looks and a perfectly sculpted sexy body. She works hard to stay in shape with proper diets and hard training regime. Let’s have a look at Katy Perry workout routine and diet plan.

Physical Stats

Katy Perry Height: 5’ 8”

Katy Perry Weight: 130 lbs

Katy Perry Diet Plan

She follows a five factor which involves eating five small and healthy meals in a day and working out five days a week. She eats a well balanced diet packed with essential nutrients to keep her fit and energized on her performances during tours. Katy Perry diet pla includes-

  • She loves having fresh fruit juices and coconut water to keep her body hydrated and to stay fit
  • She also takes vitamin supplements with every meals
  • Her lunch comprises of soup and grilled chicken
  • For dinner she prefers quinoa and veggies salad with grilled asparagus
  • On cheat days she loves to treat herself with chocolates, burgers and spicy Mexican food

Katy Perry Workout Routine

 katy perry body figure

She is not so much of a gym lover but she takes her workout regimen very seriously as it is necessary for her to stay in shape. Instead of hitting a gym she loves to go workout outside in fresh air. Katy Perry workout routine includes-

  • For cardio she likes running and cycling
  • She also goes for hiking almost every day and counts her steps
  • Katy loves jumping rope
  • Her workout regimen also includes some weight training.
  • She also meditates for a stress free mind 

Katy Perry Workout Tips

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Perform your workout in open air instead of working out in a closed gym environment
  • Always include one cheat day in your diet

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