Neha Dhupia Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Neha Dhupia Beautiful

Neha Dhupia was born in Kochi, Kerala on August 27, 1980. She is a famous Bollywood actress and model known for doing some bold roles. Neha began her career as an actor doing roles in plays and music videos. She participated in 2002 Femina Miss India pageant and won the crown for Femina Miss India Universe. After winning the title Neha was sent to Miss Universe 2002 pageant where she was placed in top 10. She made her silver screen debut with “Qyamat: City Under Threat” in 2003 which was box office hit. She went on to star in some bold films like “Julie” and “Sheesha” in 2005, although these films did not do well on box office Neha was appreciated for her acting skills and went on to star in many films of different genre.

Neha Dhupia is one of the most fashionable actresses in Bollywood known for her incredible sense of style and fashion. She is also famous for her ethereal looks and well defined curvaceous body. She loves working out and spends some time in gym daily. Neha follows a strict diet with regular workout to maintain her figure. Let’s check out Neha Dhupia workout routine and diet plan.

Physical Stats

Neha Dhupia Height: 5’ 6”

Neha Dhupia Weight: 119 lbs

Neha Dhupia Diet Plan

She follows a strict and healthy macrobiotic diet comprising of around 80% organic foods without any preservatives. She follows a six meal diet routine. Here is Neha Dhupia’s diet plan-

  • Her day starts with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey after this she has a cup of tea.
  • Before hitting the gym she has eats a hydrating fruit and a glass of beetroot, carrot and apple juice.
  • Breakfast is the heartiest meal of the day for Neha. Her breakfast includes egg whites, some almonds and skimmed milk with corn flakes. When on shoot she likes idli and fresh vegetable juices
  • For her mid morning snack she like 2 boiled eggs with brown bread.
  • Her lunch comprises of homemade chapattis, dal, some rice and veggies with curd.
  • Her evening snack is a cup of tea with homemade cookies or dried figs.
  • Neha always prefers to have her dinner by 8.00 pm and usually likes soups and salads with some grilled veggies.
  • She stays away from oily food and red meat.
  • She cheats with her diet on Saturday evening and Sundays with sushi or some Chinese food.
  • She rarely indulges but whenever she does she has either Pasta, grilled chicken or fish
  • She avoids cakes, pastries and any processed food.

Neha Dhupia Workout Routine

Neha Dhupia workout

She is a fitness fanatic and trains for one hour five days a week. Neha Dhupia’s workout routine comprises of-

  • Her workout regimen includes both outdoor and indoor fitness routines
  • She concentrates on two body parts each day – chest and back, triceps and biceps, shoulders and legs
  • She does spin cycling and other intense cardio exercises at gym for 20 minutes followed by abdominal workout
  • She also practice yoga asanas in gym
  • She also practice Pilates thrice a week
  • She detoxify her system by Bikram Yoga on weekends
  • She often goes for a swim and loves playing squash both of  which are great form of cardio and burns a lot of calories

Neha Dhupia Workout Tips

  • Follow a healthy diet with proper consultation
  • Cheat with your diet once a week to avoid cravings
  • Follow your workout religiously but also give proper rest to body
  • Make dinner your lightest meal and try to have dinner before 8.00 pm.

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