Naomi Campbell Workout Routine & Diet Plan

naomi campbell

Born on May 22, 1970 in Streatham, London Naomi Campbell is a British supermodel. She started modeling at the age of 15 and went on to become a supermodel. She’s among the top three in demand models of 1980s and 1990s. She is constantly in news for her relationships with some high profile men and cases of assault against her by her own staff.

She is hugely popular for her bold and beautiful looks and envious hourglass figure. She follows some extreme diets and daily workout to stay in that perfect shape. Let’s checkout Naomi Campbell’s workout routine & diet plan!

Physical Stats

Naomi Campbell Height: 5’ 9”’

Naomi Campbell Weight: 110 lbs

Naomi Campbell Diet Plan

  • Naomi’s diet is a special diet which is based on her blood group and she eats only those foods that can be easily digested by her blood type.
  • She also follows a Master Cleanse diet to cleanse her system for 10 days. In this diet she only consumes a drink made by mixing maple syrup, lemon juice and pepper and does not eat any solid food.
  • She stays away from gluten.
  • She has also given up eating meat and does not meat at all.

Naomi Campbell Body

Naomi Campbell Workout Routine

Naomi Campbell hates working out in gym but follows her fitness regime religiously to stay in perfect shape. She works out for two hours every day and tries to achieve a balance of body and mind with her workouts.

  • She follows Gyrotonics which includes movements from yoga, tai chi and gymnastics and helps in stretching and leaning muscles
  • She also follows cardio exercises like squats and lunges
  • She also loves to do some resistance training with lighter weights.
  • She loves to play outdoor games and often indulges in playing outdoor games.

Naomi Campbell Workout & Diet Tips

  • Do not eat meat
  • Play some outdoor game to stay fit
  • Stay away from alcohol

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