Harman Baweja Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Harman Baweja Body

Harman Baweja was born in Chandigarh, Punjab on 13 November 1980 to famous Bollywood director Harry Baweja. Harman is an actor more popular for his physical resemblance with Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan than his acting. He debuted on silver screen in 2008 with sci-fi film “Love Story 2050” directed by his father Harry Baweja. Movie proved to be a big disaster and Harman was noticed only for his strikingly similar looks with Hrithik. He then appeared in “Victory” in 2009 which was also a flop. He did a small cameo in “Gori Tere Pyarr Mein” in 2013 which was well received by critics. He is making his comeback as an actor again in the upcoming action film “Dishkiyaoon” alongside veteran actor Sunny Deol.

Harman is looking super hot and muscular in his upcoming film. He used to weigh 90kgs and had to work very hard on his body to get the perfect six-pack abs. He’s not much of gym person but he works hard on his body now to stay fit and healthy. Have a look at Harman Baweja’s workout routine and diet plan for Dishkiyaoon film.

Physical Stats

Harman Baweja Height: 6’ 1”

Harman Baweja Weight: 175 lbs

Harman aweja Diet Plan

  • Harman Baweja is a big foodie and does not follow any kind of diets and eats everything he likes.
  • He has a great metabolism that allows him to get away with eating almost everything that tickles his taste buds.
  • He loves home cooked food and especially loves gorging on Aloo Parathas and Rajma Chawal made by his mom.
  • Punjabi dishes are his favorite
  • He also indulges in chocolate ice-cream after big meals
  • For necessary vitamins and minerals he eats a lot of fruits daily and loves salad.
  • He only follows  dieting when required to lose weight

Harman Baweja Workout Routine

Harman Baweja Body

He doesn’t follow any particular gym routine as he likes to train under the sky. He believes more in a fit body rather than sweating it out in gym to build a giant body. Harman gives around 45 minutes every day to work on his body. Harman Baweja workout routine includes-

  • He loves playing outdoor sports and plays tennis and football often which helps him burn calories and stay in shape.
  • He also practice kick boxing
  • Three times a week he does weight training
  • Some days he just dances for an hour as his workout for the day
  • He does proper core training for action movies but stops as soon as the film completes
  • He loves swimming and goes for a swim whenever he has time

Harman Baweja Workout Tips

  • Eat healthy and in right proportions
  • Work on your body for at least an hour everyday in whatever way you can
  • Don’t follow any diet blindly consult an experienced dietician

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