Taylor Swift Workout Routine & Diet Plan

American singer, songwriter Taylor Swift is one of the music artists to have achieved great heights of success at such a young age. With seven Grammy awards already in her pocket, this young star is determined to keep growing also in terms of the way she looks. Her recent stage performance during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a proof of that, she looked no less than one of those models with her tall height, lean legs and splendid figure. She has managed to maintain this perfect body with her regular workout regimes.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – Photo by PrPhotos

Physical Stats

Height – 5 ft 10 inches/1.78 m

Weight – 54 kg/119 lbs

Taylor Swift Workout Routine

  • Blessed with good genes, Taylor is pretty much in shape and has a lean body but being born in a way and then maintaining it are two different things.
  • As far as working out is considered her main focus remains on cardio, she makes sure to do 60 minutes of cardio everyday no matter where she is, it will be either running on the treadmill or elliptical.
  • She doesn’t mind getting all sweaty after a workout, it releases unwanted toxins with an added bonus of keeping the fat in control.
  • Her focus is not on losing weight but on increasing her endurance and strength for her stage performances so that she doesn’t feel tired or breathless in between.
  • Besides cardio, she involves herself in Yoga and does Pilates to help lengthening the muscles and attain power and control over the body.
  • She has also been paying regular visits to the gym in the recent months.

Taylor Swift Diet Plan

  • Foodie by nature, she loves to eat and doesn’t want to give it up, instead she turns it into a motivating factor for her workouts.
  • She does not follow any particular diet but keeps it healthy and light during weekdays with mostly salads and yoghurt as well as keeps away from sugary drinks.
  • During the weekends she indulges herself into an eating spree having all her favorite foods; burgers, fries, ice cream, lattes.
  • Also fond of cooking, she loves baking breads and cookies for friends and family.
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Pink Carpet Arrivals – Photo by PrPhotos

Taylor Swift Workout & Diet Tips

  • Do not workout just to lose weight instead do it to stay fit and healthy this way you’ll see results sooner.
  • Sweat a lot, it will help detoxify your body.
  • Holding yourself back from eating will only end up in you eating more.
  • Do not stress and let go of all the negativity, organizing your thoughts and mind will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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