Ishaan Khattar Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Ishaan Khattar Workout

Ishaan Khatter is quite famous for being Shahid Kapoor’s younger half-brother. His debut movie “Dhadak”, with Janhvi Kapoor, is going to be out in cinemas soon. Ishaan was also seen in “Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!” playing Shahid Kapoor’s younger brother in the film.

Now making his much-awaited debut in Bollywood, Ishaan wanted to be completely fit and fine for which he lost 8 kilos in just 12 days. He put more effort in his work out and made use of his free time as well. He followed a strict diet plan during this time which helped him lose those few extra pounds. Now you can see that his efforts have paid and he looks ravishing.

Ishaan Khattar’s Workout Routine

Ishaan was very focused during his workout days. He went to the gym on time and worked there for 2 hours 6 times a week. His gym workout focused on building his muscle strength and flexibility. Apart from his regular gym workout, Ishaan indulged himself in sprinting and cycling. To make use of those extra hours, he even went to work on his cycle a few times.

Ishaan Khattar Fitness

Ishaan’s workout has been quite simple but dedicated and that is all you need. Put all effort into your workout and play the sports you like often. Just don’t miss any of your sessions, if it is 6 days a week let it be 6 days a week. Follow everything your trainer asks you to do for best results. Do not neglect your sleep. You must sleep for 7 hours every day. And lastly, drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

Ishaan Khattar Diet

Ishaan Khattar’s Diet Plan

To have a fit body, you have to take proper care of what you eat. Feeding your body with the right food determines how active the body is throughout the day. Ishaan’s diet consisted of lots of fruits and vegetables, a lot of water, a lot of protein and no junk. He did have his cheat days of course but at least not for these 12 days. His major protein sources were eggs, chicken and protein powder. He took care of eating his food timely. Make sure you never skip breakfast even if you are in a hurry.

Ishaan is also a big fan of coconut water and he always stops on nearby stalls whenever he gets a chance. Although he is quite a celebrity, he has an extremely simple lifestyle and that is what we love about him.

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