Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

An Australian actor and producer, Hugh Jackman is a remarkable person. Born on October 12, 1968 in Sydney, Australia, Jackman has won many awards for his outstanding performances in movies. He has been voted as one of the “Sexiest Men Alive” by Open Salon in the year 2008.

Jackman’s famous movies are: Paperback Hero, Someone Like You, Swordfish, The Prestige, Rise of the Guardians, X-Men: The Last Stand as Wolverine, The Prestige, Real Steel and many more.


Not only Jackman did many movies, he has acclaimed plentiful awards for the same. Some of them are Golden globe award for Best Actor, Tony award, People’s Choice award, Teen choice award and many others.

Jackman has a rock like body and works out hard to maintain his physique. He has consistency in fitness and therefore, he has been able to maintain such appreciable body. Hugh Jackman workout routine for wolverine is much famous among people who are trying to build attractive physique.

Hugh Jackman bodyHugh Jackman’s workout routine can be categorized in three phases:

–   Mass building

–   Weight training

–   Body maintenance

Physical Stats

Hugh Jackman Height: 6′ 2½” (1.89 m)

Hugh Jackman Weight: 190 pounds


Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

Monday (Day 1)


4 sets of incline dumbbell press of 8-10 reps

4 sets of barbell bench press of 8-10 reps

4 sets of cable crossover of 10-12 reps


Tuesday (Day 2)


4 sets of pull ups of 8-10 reps

4 sets of barbell dead lift of 8 reps

4 sets of seated cable rows of 8-10 reps

hugh Jackman at gym

Wednesday (Day 3)


4 sets of leg extensions of 10-15 reps

4 sets of lying leg curls of 10-12 reps

4 sets of leg press of 8-12 reps

4 sets of squats of 10-12 reps


Thursday (Day 4)


4 sets of seated side lateral raise of 12 reps

4 sets of seated bent over rear delt raise of 12 reps

4 sets of standing military press of 10-12 reps


Friday (Day 5)


4 sets of dumbbell bicep curl of 12 reps

4 sets of barbell curl of 10-12 reps

4 sets of one arm dumbbell preacher curl of 10-12 reps

4 sets of dumbbell one arm triceps extension of 12 reps

4 sets of skull crushers of 8-10 reps

4 sets of triceps push down (rope attachment) of 12 reps


Saturday (Day 6)


Exercises of Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness.


Sunday (Day 7)

Rest day


Hugh Jackman Workout Tips

Hugh Jackman workout at gym

  1. Combination lifts not only add variety to the workout routine but also increases the efficiency level and tone up the muscles real well.
  2. Make sure that you undergo cardio exercises at least twice a week so that the body gets rest and rhythm.
  3. If the workout routine is very intense, do rest for a day or two in a week so as to balance the workout.
  4. Keep an eyeful watch on your diet as it equally supplements the training regime.