Kate Upton Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kate Upton

Katherine Upton aka Kate Upton was born on June 10, 1992 in Michigan, United States. Kate is famous super model and Hollywood actress. She is best known for being the cover girl of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” in 2012 and 2013. She was named Rookie of the Year in 2011 by Sports Illustrated. She has also appeared on the 100th issue of “Vanity Fair” magazine.  She has acted in movies “Tower Heist” and “The Three Stooges”.

The 5’10” tall model and actress is hugely popular for her killer looks and bold curves. She has the perfect body to don a bikini. She has graced the covers of top magazines with élan. She takes care of her body in every possible way with a healthy and nutritional diet and daily workouts. So let’s check out Kate Upton’s workout routine and diet plan.

Physical Stats

Kate Upton Height: 5’ 10”

Kate Upton Weight: 145 lbs

Kate Upton Diet Plan

Kate Upton follows a blood type diet like Naomi Campbell which includes eating foods that are easy to digest by a particular blood group. Kate Upton diet comprises of –

  • Kate says she doesn’t follow any specific diets but eats according to her blood group
  • She includes all minerals and proteins required to increase metabolism of her body and to maintain her energy levels
  • She loves oatmeal and salads
  • She stays far away from red meat
  • Whenever Kate cheats her diet she indulges in cupcakes, French fries and ice cream

Kate Upton Workout Routine

Kate Upton Workout

Kate Upton followed intensive workout for 3 months to get in perfect shape to don the bikini for Sports Illustrated. She loves to train and follow her workout regime almost daily for 40-45 minutes. Kate Upton workout routine includes-

  • She starts her workout with 10 minutes cardio by walking on treadmill
  • 10 minutes stretching
  • She then practice kick boxing and skipping rope
  • Then she lift some weight to develop muscles
  • 4 sets of squats of 8-10 reps
  • 4 sets of leg curls of 10 reps
  • 4 sets of shoulder press of 10 reps
  • 4 sets of shoulder raises of 8 reps
  • 4 sets of bench presses of 10 reps
  • 4 sets of bicep curls of 8 reps
  • She keeps mixing her exercises so she didn’t get bored
  • She also practices Pilates and yoga

Kate Upton Workout Tips

  • Keep mixing different exercises so you don’t get bored
  • Follow any diet but include all nutritional components in your diet
  • Sometimes cheat with your diet to control cravings

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