Best Thigh & Leg Workouts For Men

Legs are the longest muscles in our body.

  • Legs have a lot of muscles including the calves, hamstrings and thigh muscles.
  • To build strong thigh and leg muscles, a strong workout plan is certainly recommended.
  • Men often focus on building muscles of their upper body including the chest muscles, biceps, and triceps.
  • Meanwhile, the legs are left untrained in the journey of physical fitness.
  • Like we said that the legs constitute the biggest and the majority of endurance muscle fibers, some extensive workout exercises are mandatory to ensure that the legs muscles come out beautifully carved.

If you know somebody with well-carved legs muscles, then you must have heard them crying and super tired after a leg day at the gym. Well, well, well legs are meant to be worked out that way. As compared to the rest body parts, legs and thighs require extra hard work in order to develop the core muscles of the lower body. Let’s go through a few but best thigh and leg workouts for men who are determined to achieve those toned quads.

1. Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps

The most recommended workout for leg and hinge muscles is doing various forms of squats. Squats are best known to target the upper legs muscles and inner leg muscles. Another interesting fact about squats is that most people can’t do the perfect squats even after several weeks of training sessions. Anyhow, it just requires you to stand with your legs at hip-width apart. Then holding your legs parallel to the floor as you bend down with all your lower muscle strength. This can be paired up with squats jumps, jumping as high as you can after doing one squat. Once you land after the jump, follow the same by doing another squat and holding it for at least 30-40 seconds.

2. Side Lunges With Loads

Side Lunges

Next are lunges, lunges impact the whole leg region as you bend down on one leg making it parallel to the floor. Side lunges involve pushing the butt backward and keeping the other leg bent at 90 degrees with the floor. Hold on it this position for 10 seconds and then do it with the reverse leg. Lunges are known to reduce extra fat from the legs making it easier to sculpt them better. Lunges and squats both can be done with loads once you get with the basics of doing them perfectly.

3. Extensive Cardio

Extensive Cardio

The next best exercise for legs is extensive cardio. Your legs will get sculpted if you first focus on losing the extra fat hidden there. Spending about 40-50 minutes doing cardio every day keeps fat at bay. Once the extra fat is cut down, the thigh muscles and legs tend to get a beautiful shape. Cardio results best when it is a long duration and regular for months.

4. Running


Have you seen the legs of the athletes? Athletes have the most sculpted legs and tones thigh muscles because they exercise running on regular basis. Running keeps legs leaner and muscular at the same time. Running puts pressure on the calves of the legs and helps in toning them. It doesn’t matter if you are doing jogging or running, both are recognized to be the best natural way to work out the legs. Also, running gives a lot of side benefits like keeping cardio-vascular diseases away and keeps you young. Again, best results are seen when the workout routine is followed persistently for at least a few months without any cheating.

5. Leg Presses

Leg Presses

If you visit the gym then you must be familiar with the leg press machine. Leg presses are another great way to exercise the leg muscles. All you got to do is comfortably sit down on the seat of the machine and place your legs on the platform against it. Start pressing the platform with your legs until they are totally straightened up. Keep your back bent at 90 degrees with your legs and do a few sets of leg presses for working out your leg and thigh muscles. Push and stretch your legs, go back and do it repeatedly until you are tired enough to stop. Leave the equipment nicely for the next person to use it.

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