7 Workout & Fitness Tips For Summer

  • Summers increases temperature and makes it hard to work out in the hot weather.
  • The days turn out to be longer and the sun shines all the way more furiously causing it almost difficult to hold up under the daylight and ruins each and every plan of going out.
  • In such cases, we really don’t give it a second thought before skipping our workout routine.
  • With everyone growing unfit, workout seems to be the most necessary activity of our daily lives just like eating food and sleeping.

During summers the weather is extremely hot and to ensure that you don’t skip your workout session, we are here with 7 pro tips for you to follow this summer season:

1. Rely On Maximum Fluid Intake

Fluid Intake

The most common problem that we face while burning those calories in summer is dehydration. Like we said, it is a really common problem to most of the people, not just you. Spending a few hours doing physical activity on a hot day causes our body to lose its water in the form of sweat. As a result, the body gets dehydrated and we tend to feel low. This can be severely bad for your health and also can ruin your performance at the workout. This is why you must stock up on water and other fluids as much as you can. If not more, one should at least drink 8-10 glasses of water on daily basis to avoid such scenarios.

2. Try To WorkOut Inside

WorkOut Inside

Another thing we notice in summers is that during the day hours, the outside temperature makes it quite difficult to head out for cycling or other outdoor exercises. Thus, we should take advantage of air-conditioned gyms and maybe our homes as well. Fitness can also be done on yoga mats or during aerobics session at home. Also inside gyms where the temperature is pleasant as well as you get to do a lot of physical strengthening exercises at one place itself. Even if you decide to workout outdoors, try to do that in shade.

3. Wear Light Toned Cotton Clothes

Workouts take out a lot of sweat out from the body, especially in summers. Therefore, it’s preferable to wear light toned clothes as they absorb less heat than what a black color tee would do. Also, try to wear cotton clothes on most of your workout sessions as cotton is a great sweat absorbent and helps keep infections at bay.

4. Shield Yourself, Use a Sunscreen!

The sunrays are harmful and can penetrate the skin causing it to premature and possibly bring dark spots. Going out on summer days without a sunscreen is a thing not so wise. Try to shield your skin from sun exposure as much as you can possibly do. Sunrays are harmful and can give sunburns if not taken care well in time. Choose the right SPF sunscreen lotion for yourself. Apply it 30 minutes before experiencing sun exposure. Also, rub it on all the body parts which are going to be exposed to sun rays not just your face.

5. Take a Shower Before Working Out

The idea is to cool down the body before going for any workout. This makes a resistance against the hot temperature outside as well as freshens up the body. It has been seen that people who take a shower before workout yield out better results in performance that those who do not.

6. Head Out For Morning Sessions


Morning workouts are known to be the best. The early hours are cool and the air is cleaner than it is during the rest of the day. Head out for jogging in a park or do some yoga as you wake up fresh and the body is totally relaxed. So, you should prefer to work out during early morning hours, if possible.

7. Keep Salty Snacks Handy

During summers, a lot of sweat is released out of the body. Consequently, the body loses electrolytes and salt to a large extent. Make it a habit to keep some salty snacks handy so that whenever you start feeling low, you can grab a few. Meanwhile, don’t forget to snack only on healthy things as you are heading to fitness.

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