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Brad Pitt, born on December 18, 1963 is an American actor described as one the world’s most attractive men. Well known for his fine physique in movies “FIGHT CLUB” and “TROY”, Brad Pitt used an intense workout routine for such amazing results since then many youngsters are trying to follow Brad Pitt’s Workout Routine. He characterized his workout by beating a group of muscle each day and than giving it rest for a week to recover. This causes muscle to grow as muscle increases during rest period and not during the gym time period. At the end of the week he adopted cardio workout which in turn results into fat burning and giving a well chiseled body and extra padding to his muscles.

Brad Pitt Fight Club body

Brad Pitt Height: 5’11”

Brad Pitt Weight: 72kg (158lbs)



Brad Pitt body troy

Starting with the breakfast Brad use to have Six eggs with 75 g of oatmeal. Brad pitt also had protein shake as an alternative in case of tight scheduling of his work. Moving on to lunch brad use to have around 100g of brown rice and green vegetables along with Two Chicken Breasts. In dinner Brad use to have chicken or a grilled fish with brown rice, some veggies and a large salad. Supplement after breakfast which brad used to take was a canned tuna in whole wheat pita wraps. He used to take two supplements after lunch which included a whey protein shake (or protein bar) and a banana before workout time and second supplement included another whey protein shake along with a banana. Supplement after dinner included a casein protein shake and a low fat cottage cheese. Here is the workout routine of Brad Pitt:



Brad Pitt muscles troy

  • Monday (Chest)

3 sets of pushups of 25 reps.

3 sets of bench press @ 165lbs, 195lbs and 225lbs

(25reps, 25reps, 8reps)

3 sets of nautilus press @ 80lbs, 100lbs, 130lbs of 15 reps each.

3 sets of inclined press @ 80lbs, 100lbs, 130lbs of 15 reps each.

3 sets of peck deck machine @ 60lbs, 70lbs, 80lbs of 15 reps each.

  • Tuesday(Back)

3 sets of 25 pull ups

3 sets of seated rows @ 75lbs, 80lbs and 85lbs

3 sets of Lat pull downs @ 135lbs, 150lbs and 165lbs

3 sets of T bar rows @ 80lbs, 95lbs and 110lbs

  • Wednesday(shoulders)

3 sets of Arnold press @ 55lbs

3 sets of Laterals @ 30lbs

3 sets of front raises @ 25lbs

  Brad Pitt body Fight Club

  • Thursday(Biceps and Triceps)

3 sets of Preacher Curls @ 60lbs, 80lbs and 95lbs

3 sets of EZ curls cable @ 50lbs, 65lbs and80lbs

3 sets of hammer curls@ 30lbs, 45lbs and 55lbs

3 sets of push downs@ 70lbs, 85lbs and 100lbs

  • Friday(Cardio)

Treadmill for 60 minutes

  • Saturday(Cardio)

Treadmill for 60 minutes

  • Sunday(Rest)



  • Build your muscles in proportion. Do not overdose any exercise for any particular body part.
  • Avoid things like deadlifts, squats and bench press if you want to have build like Brad Pitt as these will add mass in all the wrong places.
  • Focus on the shoulders, upper chest, middle and upper back.
  • Make your muscles as hard as possible.

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