AB De Villiers Workout Routine & Diet Plan

AB De Villiers Diet

AB De Villiers, the captain of South Africa and a player in Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is quite popular among the cricket fans in India and all around the world. When De Villiers was very young, his father being a fan of sports himself, he introduced AB to the game of Rugby. That’s how AB got interested in sports, but his inclination was towards cricket and later that is what he pursued as his career. Sportspersons tend to automatically be fitness enthusiasts. They are always training and playing in their matches. Working out daily becomes a part of their routine.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is simple. You have to work out every day without excuses whether you are going to the gym or exercising on your own. A good warm-up before the exercises is necessary. It helps you maintain regularity and makes gym sessions easier and less tiring for you. And of course, it is true when they say you are what you eat. You must have noticed that eating more fruits and vegetables and freshly prepared food keeps you refreshed throughout the day. It is the good kind of fuel that your body needs instead of junk and fat that slows down your body’s performance.

AB De Villiers’ Workout Routine

Any good cricketer must have endurance and stamina. The entire game of cricket needs you to be active and involves a lot of running whether it is while batting when you are trying to gain maximum runs or during fielding when you are trying to minimize the opponent team’s runs. A major part of a cricketer’s work out is running.

AB De Villiers Workout

You should start by slow jogging and take maximum laps and if you are using a treadmill, run for an hour to build your stamina. Then move on to sprinting to improve your running speed. A light warm up, preferably stretching and jogging before sprinting is very important otherwise you will end up getting severe cramps.

The main exercises of AB De Villiers’ gym workout are as follows – abs, push-ups, leg pulls, crunches, planks, and squats.

AB De Villiers Diet

AB De Villiers’ Diet Plan

De Villiers takes a good and nutritious, strict balanced meal three times a day. Getting proper nutrition is extremely important for a sportsman and bad food directly affects their performance. The diet should be rich in protein and carbohydrates for proper growth of muscles and energy. De Villiers gets his protein from eggs, chicken, salmon, tuna, milk, milk products and a protein shake. It’s tasty and healthy.

Since he has to travel a lot because of his matches, De Villiers has room for some cheat days. He loves seafood and Italian. Well, who can stay away from pizzas right? But he strictly limits his junk food intake even when he is out. Health comes before taste. You should just keep your fat intake low as fat once accumulated in the body is difficult to shed off. Have loads of water, as much as you can in a day and have as much fresh food as you can have for better health, and so does De Villiers.