P90x Workout Routine

The Need for P90x Workout Routine

One question that we should all ask ourselves is that in order to look like a hunk do we really need to invest heavily in specialized gym equipment and access to a highly skilled instructor?  In this age of the infobahn, the answer is an emphatic NO!

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What is P90x Workout Routine?

P90x is a home based extreme fitness program structure around 90 days, designed and created scientifically by Tony Horton. In this system, the need to have access to expensive specialized gym equipment is cast aside. You will require some floor space and get personalized access to a professional highly motivated instructor. In this process, you will end up saving a tidy sum, learn specialized easy to learn exercises and see your own body transform in front of your own eyes.

Does it really work?

What you will need in abundance though is sheer will power and perseverance to complete the 90-day course. Remember, the result is only proportionate to the effort, form and the amount of your time that you invest in this series. This is not a sales pitch from P90x’s marketing team: a quick look at the various bodybuilding forums, you will quickly come to realise that a lot of people have benefited from P90x; the before and after picture are not a result of photoshop, those people have came out more muscular, more powerful, more agile and flexible. In a word P90x delivers!

Will it work for me?

P90x is certainly not for beginners. It is an extreme fitness program, designed to make you push your limits. However, with the right motivations beginners can do it too. For those just getting into the fitness program, or for those trying to lose weight, the trick is to remember to set your own pace. Do not skip any of the workouts. Follow the program, but customize it to your physical fitness level. I can’t stress this enough: it is essential that beginners understand that the workouts are just guides: do not just follow them blindly. Just modify the number of repetitions to your physical fitness level for it is physiologically critical that you do not miss any sets (of workout routines), for muscles which are less exercised have more potential to grow.

P90x Workout Routine

P90x Workout Routine

Workouts start with a warming up, followed by the rigorous routines after which Tony warms you down. Most workouts are for about an hour and a half. What you will need is some free weights, a chin-up bar and as mentioned earlier – some free floor space. Follow the accompanying P90x calendar and stick to the workout regime. If you want to push yourself further and get more result, try to give yourself as little rest as possible between sets. This not only results in less recovery time for your muscles thus giving you more pump, but it gives you a cardio as well.

As with any exercise, if you really want to maximize your benefit, take the pains to ensure that you maintain correct posture and form throughout the exercise. Exercises are meant for specific muscles groups. Ensuring form will result in that particular group getting the workout only, or else some other muscles will get that extra exercise, get fatigued faster which will make you prone to injuries and muscle burnouts. So it is critical that you maintain form. Go the extra mile to make sure that you’re not digging yourself into injury down the road

Rest – Let the muscles grow

Listen to your body, when you feel you need the rest, take it, hydrate yourself but again do not fool yourself: give yourself that needed rest and then pick it up where you left off. Finish the task! Complete the set! And while you are at it – do it correctly.

In my humble opinion, P90x is for those who want to build muscles, those who want that sculpted look. Rest is again very important to build those muscles. It is important from a physiological point of view as well as psychological. Physiologically rest provides that time when the muscle can repair, rebuild and strengthen itself. You need to allow your body to get acclimatised to the stress levels of P90x workout routines, failing which you will get overstrained, you will feel fatigued with a feeling of general malaise, and will see decrease in your performance all of which will hamper you to reach your goal. Listen to your body and when needed take the scheduled rest as per your P90x calendar.

Diet – what do I eat?

As the saying goes “You are what you eat”. To get that sculpted look you are putting your body through a lot of stress. You need to ensure that you are giving it a rich enough diet to compensate the diet plateaus that are normal in such high-intensity workouts. You can invest in their Shakeology. You can find some amazing Shakeology recipes here:

Eat smart, and exercise smartly and the body you seek is just a workout routine away.

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