Easy Home Exercises

Can’t go out to gym or don’t have enough time for your workouts and need to do home exercises, checkout these easy home exercises that give you the best result of  health, physique and fitness,  and that too without any equipment.

Many studies done by several independent agencies clearly indicates that our life style and routine certainly effects our health. Not only this, our life style also affects our thinking about us and also our attitude towards life. Fortunately, we now have enough knowledge and information to manage our schedule and do the much needed exercise.

home fitness exercise

Now the problem lies in the tight and competitive schedule that force a person to skip the much needed physical activity to keep them healthy and at their best. So, I am sure that this easy home exercises regime would certainly help you to utilize the little time you have to do the daily exercise.

Follow these simple, easy and effective  exercises for 12-15 minutes each and you will certainly feel good and healthy.

1. Walking

walking from room

Walking in the morning and evening hours is considered to be one of the most efficient and easy home exercises that can show magical results on both your mind and body. If possible then, you should definitely go out for a walk outside else, you can do it at home only. It is one of the best home exercise to be done for you can easily do it with or without any company. And if you have stairs at your home, do use them as it will tone up your legs without much efforts and will also give you a less intense aerobic exercise. For a matter of fact, if your weight is 60 kg, and you wail for 10 minutes, you will be burning 16 calories from your body.


2. Jogging


Jogging is one of the most important exercise for your body. It is also the best exercise for your heart. It not only gives the heart muscles much needed exercise, but it will also tone up your leg muscles. And the best part is, this home exercise doesn’t needs any space or special equipment to perform, what it requires is a pair of good shoes to remove stress from your feet.


3. Step Exercise

step exercise

Step exercise is also one of the best form of  house exercise in which you just need to use the steps of your house. This exercise is surely going to pump up your metabolism and charge you up. You just need to put one step on the first step, and the other on the ground. Within fraction, you just need to do the vice-verse of  this repeatedly and you will surely feel the heat in your body.


4. Push Ups

push ups

After you have done walking(your lower body exercise), then you should focus on upper body. Push ups are one of the best upper body exercises that are recommended by several trainers across the globe. And it does not takes much to perform it. You don’t need to prove that you are “THE ROCK”. Just perform the basics right and it will surely show up on your body. It is sufficient enough to give the needed amount of exercise to your upper body, including your arms and chest.


5. Crunches


Crunches are considered to be the best exercise if you want to maintain a low level of  body fat and for building and strengthening of abdominal muscles. In the beginning of the exercise, you just don’t need to go till your head touches your knees. Just start with a mild one tone able to pull yourself  up from the ground until you feel the stretch in your muscles, and then push hard regularly with time and you will feel it easy for you to do at least a set of 30-40 easily achievable.


6. Sit ups

situp couch

Sit ups are also the best and easy home exercises, when it comes to controlling and reducing your belly fat and strengthening your thigh muscles. What you need to do is just sit on both your feet joined and then rise up without  any support i.e. just by your feet. Star with a little help and then gradually become self  dependent. And when you are able to do it without any help, you are at least 70% stronger than those who are not able to do it without any help. So, in a sense, you will certainly enhance your status in your circle and environment, and the results will be visible from second week only.


7. Weight lifting

 home weight lifting

As far as weight lifting is concerned, you can just start with any item as light as ½ kg and then you can gradually increase the weight of lift. It is not necessary that you do it with dumbbells. You can take anything that fits in your hand and start your exercise. The only thing you nee to keep in mind is that, it is the movement of the arm that matters and not the equipment.

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