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Conor McGregor Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Sponsored McGregor’s training principles are slightly different from the others, who doesn’t believe in a strict monotonous routine. He likes to listen to his body and go with the flow. “I wake up, I drink water, I stretch, I begin to loosen up, and then I continue moving throughout the day,” he says. “I’ll hit

Popular Pre Workout Ingredients & How They Help your Workout

Today there are hundreds of pre workout supplements available for athletes of all levels. But for those new to training, choosing the right pre workout supplement can often be an overwhelming experience. Pre workouts are designed to help motivate you to exercise by increasing energy levels, muscle endurance and promote increased strength or lean muscle

6 Stimulant-free Fat Burners for a Longer but Safer Weight Loss

Let’s face it: you’ve probably procrastinated the minute after you swore to get that fit summer body, and fat burners now seem the last minute Hail Mary to shedding off a few pounds. It’s easy to turn to these for speedy weight loss—that is until you learn about the side effects. Yes, fat burners are

Ganesh Acharya Workout Routine & Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The fatso you saw in ABCD is not so fat anymore. Choreographer Ganesh Acharya has lost 85 kilos in just one year, almost impossible to believe but it’s true. It’s a huge achievement for someone who has weighed 200 kilos most of his life. He was always determined so he finally made it happen. In

Top 3 Lower Back Pain Exercises

Nowadays, people experience lower back pain problems because of various reasons. The muscle strain effect that you experience when your back twists unexpectedly or when you exert force on it is among the most common factors that contribute to the aforementioned back pain problems. Besides that, your muscle may tear and in effect, make your