Popular Pre Workout Ingredients & How They Help your Workout

Today there are hundreds of pre workout supplements available for athletes of all levels. But for those new to training, choosing the right pre workout supplement can often be an overwhelming experience.

Pre workouts are designed to help motivate you to exercise by increasing energy levels, muscle endurance and promote increased strength or lean muscle mass when combined with resistance training.

While many products will include one or two unique ingredients to set them apart, there are a number of common ingredients that have been proven to positively influence sports performance which are found in DSN Pre Workout and Code Black products.

In this article, we break down some of the most popular pre workout ingredients and how they work to benefit your body before, during and after a training session.


Caffeine is one of the most popular stimulants that helps delay fatigue, promote endurance and increases feelings of mental alertness. Caffeine can also help rev the metabolism and trigger an acute thermogenic response, which may help burn a small number of calories.1

While we often associate coffee with caffeine, green tea extract, yerba mate and guarana are also popular ingredients that contain varying amounts of caffeine.

While there are some pre workout products that are stimulant free, many athletes take these supplements to help them feel excited or ready to go to the gym and help them achieve their training goals.

Users who regularly consume caffeine should keep in mind that the daily recommended limit from all sources should be under 400 mg. Many pre workout products will list the total amount of caffeine per serving to help you track your daily consumption.

Strength Enhancers

As one of the most researchedpre workout ingredients, creatine monohydrate is a powerful strength-enhancing ingredient that promotes increasedmuscle size, power output and lean muscle mass, when taken in combination with a resistance training program.2

Clinical studies typically uses doses of 3 grams or more, to help promote improved strength, performance and power during high-intensity activities.2Always confirm there is an effective amount of strength enhancers in your pre workout product as, as many supplements fall short. This DSN Pre Workout overall review explains how and why the product’s 3 grams of creatine help build muscle and strength.

Amino Acids

Another popular pre workout ingredient is L-arginine. While arginine comes available in several different forms, in the body, it’s responsible for nitric oxide production, natural creatine formation,vasodilation, and stimulating protein production.3,4

L-citrulline is another amino acid that helps deliver energy to the muscles and can result in reduced fatigue, increased energy, and helppromote muscular endurance. Citrulline may also help reduce post-workout muscle soreness.5

Vitamins and Minerals

Pre workout supplements often contain a number of different vitamins and minerals to help prevent nutrient deficiencies which can negatively affect sports performance. B vitamins are important as they support protein and fat metabolism,energy metabolism, and help convert carbohydrates into fuel.6,7

Vitamin C is another popular ingredient and is important for maintaining strong connective tissues and assist in wound healing. It also contributes to protein metabolism.8

In the body, vitamin D helps support skeletal muscle function, and helps maintain strong bones and teeth.9Calcium is an important mineral for muscle contractions, maintaining nerve function and regulating the release of hormones, like testosterone.10

Bottom Line

When shopping for pre workout supplements, its best to look for products that incorporate a variety of ingredients in doses that have been shown to be effective, like the extremely popular. Thanks to the advances of the internet, today there a number of high-quality pre workout supplements that can conveniently be bought online. These products are often available at competitive prices, as they sell directly to customers and cut out the ‘middle man’ costs.

The specific benefits of these pre workout ingredients can be found in this article. For men who work out but are also looking to naturally increase testosterone, this DSN Code Black ingredient review details exactly what your body needs to properly produce testosterone.



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