Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Plan

Cristiano RonaldoCristian Ronaldo is a famous football player from Portugal and is the captain of the national football team of the country. Also he plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid. Ronaldo has many national and international trophies to his name. He is renowned and famous amongst the youth especially for his immensely perfect-like body structure. The apt diet needs to be free from processed foods and include carbs and healthy fats. For a bodybuilder, like Cristiano Ronaldo the emphasis is on diet and cardio workout.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Layout

The second most important thing after exercise is to have an appropriate diet in order to build a body like Ronaldo.  It takes 5 meals a day and is very particular about his food intake.  His diet includes mainly proteins, carbs and calories. The diet of an individual should be accordingly designed with respect to his/her workout routine. Ronaldo has been strict to his basic diet plan in order to get a good physique.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Foods

  • Breakfast:
    It must include wholegrain or wholewheat cereal with fruit juice, foods like eggs, cereals, etc. for carbohydrates and proteins. A breakfast is recommended after a sound sleep of 8 hours so that the body is rested well.
  • Lunch:
    It includes chicken/meat with salad, whole wheat pasta, baked potato, green vegetables, fruits or a low calorie meal. Chicken and pasta provides minerals, vitamins and proteins for lunch.
  • Snack:
    A tuna roll along with either lemon juice or fruit juice.
  • Dinner:
    The dinner is rich in fiber as well as proteins and vitamins. It includes rice, beans, fruits and chicken.

Key features of Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet

  • His diet includes complex carbohydrates which help in building up the stamina and persistence.
  • He has a low fat body which amounts to less than 10%.
  • He avoids heavy drinks and prefers intakes of fresh juices.
  • He takes good amount of proteins which is beneficial in bodybuilding and body repair. Proteins amount to an integral part of Ronaldo’s diet throughout the day.
  • He makes sure that no two meals have a gap of more than 2-3 hours and thus strives for small meals in the day.
  • He avoids sugar supplements as well in his diet so as to maintain and improve blood sugar level.

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