Tim Tebow Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Timothy Richard (Tim) Tebow was born on August 14, 1987 in Makati, Philippines. Tebow is an American football quarterback and played for Denver Broncos and New York Jets in NFL. Known for his ability to run and pass Tim Tebow is one of the best quarterbacks till date.

Tim Tebow played college football for the University of Florida, winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007. Tebow was drafted by Denver Broncos in the first round of 2010 NFL.

Tim Tebow Body

Tim Tebow was one of the most adorned collegiate athletes ever at Florida. Tebow is one of the fittest athletes in the world; he scored the best SPARQ rating of any QB. He works very hard to maintain his athletic body. His workout routine mainly consists of strength training. So let’s checkout Tim Tebow workout routine and diet plan.

Tim Tebow Physical Stats

Tim Tebow Height: 6’3”

Tim Tebow Weight: 240 lbs

Tim Tebow Diet Plan

Tim Tebow has never divulged the full details of his daily diet plan. But here is what we found about Tebow’s diet-

  • Like many other wrestlers he also follows a several small meals a day plan.
  • His biggest meal of the day is his breakfast and includes oatmeal, seasonal fruits and 6-7 egg whites
  • Every Friday he drinks a glass of blended 1 pound spinach. It flushes the toxins from his body.
  • He loves home cooked food prepared by his mom
  • He loves indulging in ice creams and pizza pies.

Tim Tebow Workout Routine

Tim Tebow Workout


3 sets of standing barbell push press of 6 reps

4 sets of close-grip barbell bench press of 8-10 reps

3 sets of Seated side lateral raise of 8-10 reps

3 sets of kneeling cable crunch of 12reps


3 sets of standing low-pulley deltoid raise of 12-15 reps

3 sets of incline tsuki dumbbell press of 10-12 reps

3 sets of incline batwing dumbbell row of 8-10 reps

3 sets of lumberjack press with barbell of 10-12 reps

4 sets of cable seated lateral raise of 12 reps




4 sets of standing dumbbell hammer curls of 8 reps

Treadmill running for 30 minutes


3 sets of barbell incline bench press with medium grip of 12 reps

3 sets of standing front barbell raise over head of 12-15 reps

4 sets of incline barbell triceps extensions of 8-10 reps

3 sets of incline dumbbell curls 6-8 reps


20 min walk on treadmill with moderate intensity



Tim Tebow Workout Tips

Tim Tebow Workout

  • Give your time, sweat and devotion to get and maintain a great body

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