Insanity Workout Routine

What you should expect

For those looking to join the fitness bandwagon, Insanity by Shawn T is a vehicle that not only gets you to your destination of being uber fit, on the way you also pick up a few 6 packs. Even for those who are absolute pumpkin and have little or no experience with working out, Shawn T’s Insanity will give your whole body a makeover. Your biceps, triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings will resemble less like coconut trunks. They will become more defined. Insanity will not only get you into shape, you will lose a size or two! You can finally hit the beaches with that two-piece you were eyeing. All of this in just 60 days! And the best part is, you will enjoy doing it.

insanity workout

Who is it for?

Insanity is not just for the fitness maniac, it is for you and me and the best part is that you can skip the gym membership fees. You can do it in your own time, at your own convenience. You will lose weight – that is a guarantee. But you need to bring that mental stubbornness and strength to push yourself through groans and moans, aches & pains of your body. Anybody can start the program, but you need to bring resolve, to complete the course and enjoy full benefits out of it, in Shawn T’s own words, you need to “Dig Deeper”.

Insanity Workout Routine

Dig Deeper but keep your form

Insanity uses cardio workouts in abundance. From cardio circuit workouts, to cardio recovery workouts, balance training, abdominal & leg workouts, and maximum intensity. All of these cardio exercises will most definitely push your heart & lungs to their limits. What I have observed and have come to conclude is that, the secret to maximizing the benefits of Insanity or for that matter any workout routine is not so much the daily grind of the workouts, but more importantly the quantum of effort that you put into the workouts. A half hour of focused intensive workout is more beneficial than an hour of your regular gym time.

Protective Gear

To get most out of Insanity while preserving your sanity and health it is important that you invest in proper gear. With all those cardio workouts, investing in a heart rate monitor is extremely beneficial: you can monitor your normal heart rate, see it increase as you gradually warm up, you can see it pick up pace as the lactic acids slowly start forming in your muscles as you start getting into the routines. With a heart rate monitor you are better informed at taking critical decisions regarding how much to push yourself: it is better to listen to your heart and slow down and take a short break than to continue and get a heart burn.

Wearing shoes while doing Insanity will protect your ankles & knees from jerks. Do not skimp wearing them.

Double the fun – Get a partner

Insanity will test your endurance. It becomes easier to stick with its schedules if you have a partner / workout buddy. The days when your body is feeling lazy and is sore from working out, your partner can goad, humour and ensure that you stick to the schedule. You can inspire each other, push one another and this will make this journey not only more enjoyable but will ensure that you complete the program and get its full benefit.

Catalog the journey

For every exercise that you do, alongside its name, note down the date, number of repetitions that you have completed along with your peak heart rate and your average heart rate while you were doing the exercises. These jotting down of statistical information will be your scientific journey to losing weight and feeling great.


Initially I did not follow their diet plan and that left me a little confused! I was getting mixed results! Don’t blame me: it is tempting to gorge down loads of yummy (fatty) food after a rigorous routine, your body demands it!!!But you know better right? After all those tiring workout sessions, if you don’t eat right, it will be such a shame isn’t it? It is only after I understood that it is better to follow their diet plans than to chart my own diet plan (the road less taken, at times is better avoided despite what Shelley thinks), that I started to see some immediate benefit. What I have noticed though, eating protein is majorly beneficial.

Get social, Get connected

Completing the program is just the starting point. You can socialize, compare notes and make friends with other like minded folks all over the world. Insanity will not only make you healthier and fitter, and more popular, it can be the reason why you met that special someone in a far distant land. Go on, try it, you never know how insanely rew