The Paleo Diet Food List, The Paleo Diet Recipe

paleo diet

Back to the Stone Age for good

What did you eat for lunch today? Your answer doesn’t really matter, unless it has got something to do with the paleo diet. Do not panic, stay calm. I swear that it is not rocket science.

So, what is the paleo diet?

Paleo diet is short for paleolithic diet, or in layman’s terms, stuff that cavemen used to eat.

Why would anyone want to eat what cavemen used to eat? The most straightforward answer would be that agriculture is something relatively new and for thousands of years man survived only on meat and fruits. So the paleo diet is simply a diet that closely resembles how men used to eat thousands of years ago. It is popular because in the paleo diet plan, there is no limit to how much you can eat. You can eat till you are satisfied!

The Paleo Diet Food List

So what exactly did the cave men used to eat? Anything and everything that is freely available from nature. The list ranges from your neighbor’s cow to the apples and oranges at the fruit stall. The concept is simple – if it is unprocessed and contains no artificial ingredients, it qualifies to be in the paleo diet. There is an exception though – no grains. Here is an indicative list:

1. Chicken, meat, eggs

2. Fruits – apples, oranges, bananas. Fruits are rich in sugar and thus, consumption should be limited if you want to lose weight

3. Vegetables

4. Oils – Coconut oil would be ideal for cooking. Olive oil and avocado oil would qualify too.

5. Nuts and tuber

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet Recipe

So you have decided to try out the paleo diet. The problem is there is so much processed food around us that we have close to zero recipes that would qualify to be in a paleo diet plan. Let us help you with that.

If you are looking for a quick paleo breakfast, there are always the good old omelets to rely on. Some pepper, spinach and avocado oil and a few omega-3 eggs would do the trick. A somewhat heavier dish would be salmon with bacon. Not a fan of sea food? Your paleo diet meal plan can have chicken masala in it! If you want a more vegetarian diet, then go eat a few carrots and get some lemon juice.

As mentioned earlier, there is no limit to how much you can eat. The general rule is eat all you want but stop when you are satisfied. Eating just because you have got nothing else to do is bad practice. To put it simple, eat only when you are hungry.

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