Sources & Deficiencies: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K

Vitamin Sources

Sources and deficiencies of various vitamins including B6, B12, D and K

Vitamin is an important nutrient which is required by living organisms. We humans need the right quantity of different vitamins at different times. Vitamins are not generated in the body automatically and we need to consume them through various healthy food options. Many people who follow a poor diet depend on supplements for their vitamin intake. It is very important to keep our vitamin intake, under check.


You must not consume overdose of vitamins as it has its own side effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Vitamins are critically important to develop and grow. Even the fetus needs the right amount of vitamins in order to grow in a healthy manner. Vitamin A can be obtained from orange, yellow fruits, green leafy vegetables and milk. It is required to prevent from night blindness. Vitamin B1 can be obtained from eggs, brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, pork and other vegetables. Vitamin B2 can be obtained from green beans, bananas and various other dairy products. Vitamin B3 can be obtained from foods like eggs, fish, meat, vegetables and mushrooms. Vitamin B5 can be obtained from avocados, broccoli and meat. Vitamin B6 can be obtained from the similar ones like bananas, meat and vegetables. Vitamin B7 can be obtained from peanuts, liver, raw yolk and vegetables. Vitamin B9 can be obtained from bread, liver, cereal, pasta and leafy vegetables. Vitamin B12 can be obtained from various non vegetarian foods. Vitamin C is another important nutrient and must be consumed on daily basis. It can be obtained from various fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin Health Chart


Fish and eggs are known to be a rich source of vitamin D. Various fruits, vegetables and nuts provides vitamin E. Lastly, vitamin K can be obtained from eggs yolks and leafy green vegetables. If you wish to consume maximum vitamins through diet then fruits and leafy vegetables are the best source for the same. Non vegetarian foods also are power packed with various essential vitamins and it must be consumed in the right quantity. Water vitamins are those which are soluble in water like vitamins B and C.

Consequences of Deficiency

Deficiencies of vitamins cause various diseases. Deficiency of vitamin B6 leads to anemia and peripheral neuropathy which means breakdown of nervous systems. Deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to megaloblastic anemia. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to rickets and osteomalacia which means softening and weakening of bones and deficiency of vitamin K leads to bleeding diathesis which makes wound healing difficult.

Bottom Line

Vitamins are essential elements of human growth. In this busy and ever changing life of 21st century we don’t have enough time for exercises so simply in taking the proper stuff is the way to go.