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10 Best Breakfast Food for Women to Lose Weight

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The worst mistake is to skip it for the sake of losing weight. Eating the right food for the first meal of your day would help you reduce your weight. This article explains the top ten best items for breakfast for women to lose weight. 1.

Sources & Deficiencies: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K

Sources and deficiencies of various vitamins including B6, B12, D and K Vitamin is an important nutrient which is required by living organisms. We humans need the right quantity of different vitamins at different times. Vitamins are not generated in the body automatically and we need to consume them through various healthy food options. Many

Low Carb Snacks & Low Calorie Snacks for Good Health

Low carb snacks for good health It is very important to take good care of your health. You have to take care of what you eat throughout the day. Your meals should comprise of healthy choices and even your daily snacks should be equally good. You have to concentrate on eating healthy food, each time.

What is Gluten?, Gluten Free Diet, Foods, Cupcakes, Pizza

Gluten Free diet is the new trend of 2014? The word ‘gluten’ is derived from the Latin word called “glue”. It is a protein which is found in foods comprising of wheat, barley, rye and other related grain species. This protein basically gives elasticity to the dough and thus, helps it to rise and maintain

Dukan Diet Side-Effects, Recipe, Diet Plan

The dukan diet – an overview The dukan diet was introduced by the French doctor Pierre Dukan. It is a weight loss method that promises to control weight without giving the person a chance to gain weight back. Though decades have passed since its inception, the dieting method suddenly rose to popularity after Dukan wrote