Dukan Diet Side-Effects, Recipe, Diet Plan

Dukan Diet

The dukan diet – an overview

The dukan diet was introduced by the French doctor Pierre Dukan. It is a weight loss method that promises to control weight without giving the person a chance to gain weight back. Though decades have passed since its inception, the dieting method suddenly rose to popularity after Dukan wrote a book on it in 2002. The method allows a person to eat as much food as he wants, belonging to a certain list. There is no calories measurement or going-hungry involved.


The dukan diet plan is split into four phases. The first one is the attack phase. This phase is designed to kick start a person’s metabolism and dieters are expected to lose 2-3 kilograms in 2-7 days. The dieters are allowed to eat any amount of food that belongs to a list of 68 items. The dieters are fed protein rich food along with 28 specific vegetables. The duration of this phase is determined using a variety of individual-specific information. The consolidation phase controls future weight gain by introducing high on starch food back into the menu. To make things better, up to two grand meals are allowed a week! The stabilization phase is the last of the dukan diet weight loss program and the dieters are allowed to eat any food of their choice without gaining weight, subject to certain rules. One day a week should be protein day and oat bran should be eaten every day. This last phase should be followed for the rest of a dieter’s life and Pierre Dukan promises that the person will not gain any weight.


The dukan diet recipe

The dukan diet is famous enough to have entire web pages and articles dedicated to discuss useful recipes that go with the diet. Let us get familiar with some of the popular dukan diet dishes.

The attack phase is one of the hardest to follow. Omelets and roasted chicken can be of much help here. If you love sea food, eat a lot of smoked salmon. Keep a lot of vegetables in stock for the cruise phase.


Side effects of Dukan Diet

Like most dieting methods, the dukan diet has its fair share of side effects. In the attack phase, the amounts of fiber you get are limited too. This can lead to constipation. Some people attain a bad breath as a result of the ketosis imposed by the dukan diet. Kidney damage has been a popular side effect of the dukan diet. Other side effects include the induction flu – a term given to all problems arising out of inadequate amounts of carbohydrates. Fatigue can also be a problem. Make sure that you are drinking a lot of water.

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