Jack Lalanne Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Born on September 26, 1914 Jack Lalanne was an American fitness guru and nutritional expert. Jack Lalanne is often called as “The godfather of fitness” and “first fitness superhero” for his outstanding work towards the fitness industry.  His fitness television show “The Jack Lalanne Show” was on television for 34 years and was the longest running television fitness program of all time. He was the first to open a fitness gym in America and invented many fitness equipments to make exercising easy.

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Jack dedicated his life to fitness and set many world records in the field of fitness including the world record of doing over 1000 pushups in 23 minutes at the age of 42. Jack always motivated people to take their fitness seriously and exercise to stay fit. He lost his life on January 23, 2011 at the age of 96 due to pneumonia. So let’s have a look at the fitness mantra of the first fitness guru of America, Jack Lalanne. Here is Jack Lalanne’s workout routine and diet plan.

Jack Lalanne Physical Stats

Jack Lalanne Height: 5’6”

Jack Lalanne Weight: 150 lbs

Jack Lalanne Diet Plan

Jack was very strict towards his diet and used to have just two heavy meals in a day. His diet philosophy was that –“If man makes it, don’t eat it”. He was always i n favor of eating raw rather than eating cooked food. His diet included plenty of fruits and vegetables. He stayed away from meat and only ate fish. Lalanne’s two meal diet included-

  • He used to have a heavy breakfast comprising of oatmeal, seasonal fruit and plenty of hardboiled egg whites with soy milk.
  • His second meal was dinner consisting fish, large portion of salad and several egg whites.
  • He stayed away from snacks.

Jack Lalanne Workout Routine

Jack Lalanne Mr America

Jack Lalanne never missed a workout and used to work out every day for more than two hours. His typical workout regime includes:

  • He used to start hi workout while he’s still in his bed by doing lots of stretching exercise.
  • Then he goes straight for the weight training and used to lift weights. he follows his weight training for 90 minutes
  • He used to work on his upper body parts ( lats, pecs, deltoids, chest and shoulders) on one day and on his lower body parts (forearms, biceps and triceps) the other day.
  •  At last he used to spent 30 minutes in pool doing pool exercises
  • He also followed a strict diet throughout his life eating only two meals a day.


Jack Lalanne Workout Tips

Jack Lalanne

  • Never skip your cardio exercises.
  • Exercise the whole body concentrating on all muscles.
  • Skip sweets and eat healthy.

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