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Jackie Chan Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Jackie Chan is a well-known name in the world for his multi-talented personality. He’s an actor, a martial artist, a singer, a comedian and even a film director. He has even received an Honorary Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 for being a part of the film industry for 56 years and having done over

Bill Goldberg Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Bill Goldberg is the most popular wrestler from the late nineties. Of course, he had fans because of his performance as a wrestler, but those weren’t too much into wrestling too were taken aback by his strong athletic physique. He’s tall, 6 feet 4 inches to be exact. His abs certainly are amongst the best

Finn Balor Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Finn Balor is a popular face of WWE Raw Brand. His name is amongst the top strong wrestlers, and he certainly lives by that title. He has an amazing physique, and he works hard to maintain it. He is a dedicated man and never misses his work out. InN fact, he works out 6 days

Emily Skye Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Emily Skye, the gorgeous Australian model is now a leading fitness expert as well. A few years ago, Emily was considered to be one of the skinniest models. She only weighed 47 kg. But over the time she worked hard over her body to become the hottest trainer of all times with a beautifully sculpted

Dean Ambrose Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Most WWE stars strive to become the strongest and biggest of all, but Dean simply works to outlast all these huge wrestlers for which he works for hours in the gym to build strength and stamina. He says, “I’m not going to throw off 27 people over the rope at one time, but I am