Celebrity Workout Routine Archive

Kevin Hart Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kevin Darnell Hart is one of the finest, funniest and fittest actors of American TV. The king of comedy is completely dedicated towards his work out and he never skips a day of his workout, there are just no excuses for him. He also likes to motivate people and has an ongoing series with Nike

Kevin Durant Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kevin Durant, one of the greatest American basketball players, is known both for his game and for his height. This 6’9’’ heavy built guy naturally gives a tough competition to the opposite team.  But it’s not just his height that gives him an edge; he trains vigorously for hours! His trainer, Dwight Daub has guided

Kate Hudson Workout Routine & Diet Plan

The famous Glee star, Kate Hudson works hard in maintaining her body, but the interesting part is she does not spend hours in the gym. She is more of yoga and aerobics enthusiast. When she had started working out, her instructor taught her Pilates work out. And ever since then, she has never gone a

John Krasinski Workout Routine & Diet Plan

John Krasinski has undergone a complete transition since he was seen in the famous comedy show ‘The Office’ as Jim Halpert. He was quite popular in that role and was often referred to like the cute chubby guy. But things changed when he was offered the movie ’13 hours’ in which he was supposed to

Jackie Chan Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Jackie Chan is a well-known name in the world for his multi-talented personality. He’s an actor, a martial artist, a singer, a comedian and even a film director. He has even received an Honorary Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 for being a part of the film industry for 56 years and having done over