How to Build Biceps

Before knowing how to build biceps, you should know the structure of biceps:

Understanding the role of the muscles you are using during a exercise can help you perform the exercises with the best possible moves and their effect on the muscles. Hence, helping us get the desired results on the muscle. In case of bicep, the bicep is made up of three main parts i.e. Biceps Brachii, Coracobrachialis, Coracobrachialis. These are basically muscle tissues that are actively involved in the movement of bicep.


Now we need to know how muscle building is affected by our exercise. The phenomena is that when you lift something, your muscle tissues in bicep break a little with the resistance of the weight. These little gaps are again filled by new muscle tissues so you tend to feel the pain if you pick something heavy the next time. So the first thing you need to keep in mind is always start with a low weight. And the last thing you need to remember is that resistance in your muscles is what that pushes the limits of muscles and forces them to recover and grow.

These are some of the best exercises that can definitely give you the desired result for your biceps.

1.      The Dumbbells Vibration

Vibrating Dumbbells

Before starting any exercise, it is necessary to warm up your muscles so that they are ready for a workout. How to build biceps has a significance with how you start your exercise. Take some light dumbbells and shakeup your arm and muscles so that they are ready for the workout.

2.      The Standing Barbell Curl

Man with a bar weights in hands training

Then start over with the best exercise to build biceps i.e. standing bicep curl. Perform this curl by holding a barbell in both your hand and keep the weight as much that can give strain to your biceps. Doesn’t matters what amount of weight you are lifting, this exercise does involve all the bicep muscles that are needed to increase your bicep size. This exercise forces the the arm to work in relation to back and shoulder muscles. There is very little chance of you making any error except that you bend your back.

3.      The Alternating Dumbbell Curl

alternating dumbbell curl

Then comes the alternating dumbbell curl. In this exercise you don’t need to use both your arms at the same time. This workout will let you work on both your bicep separately. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the torso movement is common in this exercise, so its important to keep your elbow tucked in your body. At the start of exercise, curl with your arm fully extended and your palms facing towards you. As the weight clears the flank, start to rotate your arm, at the end, your palm will be facing your head.

4.      The Hammer Curls

hammer curls

As the name suggest, you have to move your arm in the motion of a hammer i.e. up and down in radius of your arm. In this exercise, we will be focusing on brachialis and brachioradialis. In the star, your arm will be facing your upper body just like alternating curl. Keep your elbow tucked in your body and upper arm straight. Lift weight curling your arm upwards without rotating your arm and weight, till it touches your shoulders or comes in level with your shoulders. This exercise specifically focuses on your bicep building.

5.      Close Grip Chinupsclose grip chinups

Chin ups can give you an amount of exercise, but when it comes to bicep building, you need to have a close grip on the chin up bar so that the pull is on your bicep muscles. You can use any straight bar or chin up bar, just make sure that you have a close grip on that. Pull yourself upwards keeping your legs raised or crossed in such a way that it doesn’t touches the ground when you pull yourself upwards, and all your weight is on your arms. Get your chin up the bar, slowly lower body and maintain that resistance on your biceps.

Now you know how to build biceps, but remember that for a fit body, you need to do regular exercise, and not specifically focus on a particular part. While these workouts focus on your bicep building, never do these separately as bicep is just a small part of our body. Do these in regular exercises that you perform regularly so that you get the desired slim and fit body and not something else. And do give rest to your body at least once a day so that your body is able to repair the muscles and grow.

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