Tom Holland Workout Routine & Diet Plan

You must have seen how spectacular Tom Holland looks in his movie, Spiderman Homecoming. His body is giving people some real fitness goals. You have seen the star before in The Impossible and a short cameo in Captain America Civil War but you have to agree that he is at his absolute best in Spiderman. If you have seen the movie, you must have already become of the way Tom Holland as performed is stunts, like where does the man get that kind of physical strength and flexibility from. In Tom’s defence, he had to go through a really hard physical training, strict diet plan and workout routine to accomplish his body goals.

Tom Holland Workout

Maybe the reason why Tom looks so natural in his stunts is because he is an extremely enthusiastic gymnast. He has included gymnastics in his daily workout as well.

If you are curious to know how Tom Holland got his spectacular body for Spiderman Homecoming, have a look at his workout routine. Tom has regularly updated everyone about his training through social media.

Day 1 –

Warm Up

3×5 Pull Ups, 3×10 Dips, 3×15-25 Push Ups

Workout (In sequence)

2 Round Circuit, 100m Sprint, 25 Box Jumps, 25 Sledgehammer Swings (Sub Kettlebell Swings), 25 Sit Ups, 25 Burpees and then again 25 Sit Ups, 25 Sledgehammer Swings, 25 Box Jumps, 100m Sprint

Day 2 –

The Workout (Cardio) Options

Choose between 1-2 hour of: Boxing, Parkour, or Gymnastics or Choose between: 30 minutes HIIT Training on: Treadmill or Bike

Tom Holland Fitness Training

HIIT Training:

1 min on: Treadmill Sprints are 6mph-9mph, Bike Level 10 Keeping RPM’s 100+

1 min off: Treadmill Walk on 3-3.5mph, Bike is steady easy pace on Level 3

For 10 Minutes, then:

1 min on 2 min off (same as first ten minutes, but longer break)

Then final ten minutes:

Treadmill 3-3.5 mph walk on 5-10 incline, Bike steady medium pace on level 5-7

Day 3 –

Warm Up

3×5 Wide Grip Pull Ups, 3×10 Dips, 3×15-25 Push Ups

Workout –

3 Round Circuit (weight should be moderately heavy), Run 400m, 25 Sit Ups, 15 Clean and Presses, 12 Bench Press, 10 One Arm Dumbbell Snatches

Day 4 –

The Workout (Cardio) Options

Choose between 1-2 hour of: Boxing, Parkour, or Gymnastics or Choose between: 30 minutes HIIT Training on: Treadmill or Bike

Day 5 –

Warm Up

3×5 Chin Ups, 3×10 Dips, 3×15-25 Push Ups


5 Round Circuit, 10 Bench Press @145 lbs, 10 Floor Wipers @145 lbs, 10 Burpees, 10 Deadlifts @145 lbs, 10 Hanging Knee/Leg Raises

Tom Holland Fitness Training

Tom’s EMS training

Besides his regular training Tom also indulged in a special but really difficult kind of training called EMS (Electronic Muscle stimulation). What happens in this training is, low level electric currents are sent through the body which provide muscle stimulation. The pain is unbearable but using this in your training gives you the result of a two hour workout in just about half an hour.

Ben brown, the owner of the gym where Tom trained for Spiderman shared that Tom could not even walk properly for an entire day when he first gave the machine a try. He added, “Tom was left in absolute bits. That was the same way I felt the first day I used it, but your body recovers in a few days. Because it is such a powerful machine, there is the risk of overtraining, so we recommend our clients only do it once a week.”

Tom Holland’s diet plan was simple. He made it a point to avoid junk food no matter what and consume as much amount of water as he could. This way his body remained refreshed at all times. He took aple amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats necessary in a balance diet. If you’re naturally lean, you just have to watch what to you eat and give your body the proper nutrition it needs along with the work out. The results show later, just like Tom Holland’s in his latest movie. He has definitely inspired a huge number of youngsters.

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