Testosterone Benefits: Why Testosterone is Important?


Testosterone is nothing but a steroid hormone that ignites the development of sexual characteristics of men. It is produced in the testicles, usually. But that doesn’t mean that women don’t have this hormone; it is also produced in the adrenal cortex and ovaries as well. The ovaries produce testosterone, along with estrogen. In the bloodstream, only a small quantity of this hormone is released by the adrenal glands and ovaries.

The reason why I highlighted the above-mentioned points is because most of the people think that women don’t have testosterone, but they do, too, just like men.

The question is – why testosterone is so important?

This hormone is called as The Sex Hormone. It plays a major role in the body. It is stated that this is the hormone that regulates the sex drive in men. Know the word Libido? This is the hormone that influences your libido. You would often find people saying that a particular person produces testosterone in huge quantities and thus, his sexual urges are too high. It is what makes you go wild in bed or makes you feel like you want to do it quite a lot of times a week.

The next reason why testosterone is important is because it helps in body building. People like building huge bodies, thanks to the influence of all those movies that they watch over and over again on their laptop or cellphone screens. When they have a high level of testosterone in their body, they find it easy to build all the muscles they want to. You may find it difficult to believe this, but this is a fact. This is the hormone that influences the muscle mass in an individual. Higher the testosterone, easier it is for an individual to have a great body.

This is the hormone that influences the fat distribution as well. Men with lower levels of testosterone in their body are now prescribed with medicines or supplements that help them increase the same. Even though most of the people didn’t talk about this hormone earlier, now more and more people are coming forward and talking about it. People are now aware of this hormone and thus, in order to improve their sex life or get a better body, they talk to their doctors and consult them to raise their testosterone levels. The medicines work like a miracle.

How do you know if your testosterone levels are low?

It is not something that you can find out on your own. You need proper guidance for it. Have a word with a reputed doctor and get a few tests done and within a few days, the actual reason behind the problems you are facing would be out. Once the doctor has the test results in his hands, he knows whether your testosterone levels are proper or not. If the levels are low, you are told to take a few medicines or pills and the levels are raised to the normal percentage.

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