Product Review: Singlets by BlokeUndees

Item reviewed: Bloke Undees First Series Singlets

About the product:

I received 3 Singlets which were of 3 different colors:

  1. Black + White strips
  2. Blue + Black strips
  3. Black + Multiple colored strips

IMG_0148   IMG_0139   IMG_0141

The first and second one are having a bold logo at the left side of the singlet and the third one display the brand name on it in big fonts as you can see in the images I have posted above.


The singlets are made up of 48% cotton, 48% Bamboo and 4% Elastane.


What BlokeUndees promises about the product and what I felt after using it for a few days:

  • They are antibacterial: Haven’t experienced anything as of now.
  • Highly sweat absorbent: Yes they are!
  • One of the softest fabrics in the world: It is soft; don’t know if it falls under “World’s softest”.
  • Natural UV Protect-ant- Can’t say much about that.

What we liked: The fabric material is of best quality and I really liked it.

What we didn’t like: The fitting, the singlets were pretty lose, it may be because of my size.

When we’d wear them: When I’ll be hitting the gym.

Who we’d recommend them to: People going to gym, having a heavy masculine built.

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