Best Workout Routine For Fat Loss

Sponsored Nobody likes being fat but sadly; obesity hits 39% of the adults across the world. Body fat can arise due to many reasons. Some people are fat due to genetic reasons. Their parents were fat, so their genes made them overweight naturally. Others

Best Thigh & Leg Workouts For Men

Legs are the longest muscles in our body. Legs have a lot of muscles including the calves, hamstrings and thigh muscles. To build strong thigh and leg muscles, a strong workout plan is certainly recommended. Men often focus on building muscles of their upper

Best Thigh & Leg Workouts For Women

Have you always felt that you need to lose weight from your thighs and legs? Do you always struggle pulling your jeans over your thighs and butt? Well, then this post has come to your rescue. Women either are too skinny or are on

Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Floyd Mayweather is a bad ass and intense looking man who doesn’t see anyone around him once he starts training. He is often called by the title undefeated because of his 48-0 score in a fight or rather battle with Manny Pacquiao. This fight

Conor McGregor Workout Routine & Diet Plan

McGregor’s training principles are slightly different from the others, who doesn’t believe in a strict monotonous routine. He likes to listen to his body and go with the flow. “I wake up, I drink water, I stretch, I begin to loosen up, and then