MS Dhoni Workout Routine & Diet Plan

MS Dhoni Workout

MS Dhoni has some special qualities which have gained him the title of being the greatest captain. He is disciplined and practices regularly. Over the time, his dedication towards the game and the team has helped him reach new heights. He works hard, and that is why he is fit as a fiddle even at this age.

MS Dhoni’s Workout Routine

His workout includes four hours of practice session along with his team. The team starts with running laps on the ground. Running helps to gather enough strength and build stamina throughout the day. Whether it is a batsman or a bowler, they must have a good level of stamina while running between the wickets or during fielding. Then each format player focuses on their particular skill, batting, bowling or fielding. Dhoni being the captain has to guide them all. He is an all-rounder, so the training is equally hard for him.

Besides, he spends some time in the gym as well doing cardio and other exercises. He has shared a part of his routine on youtube, and you can watch the same in the link given below –

The exercises included in the video are as follows –

  • Dumbbell Lunges
  • One leg Deadlifts
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Machine chest press
  • V Grip pull down,
  • Lateral pull down
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Dumbbell rowing
  • Dumbbell curls

Besides conventional workout methods, Dhoni also enjoys various sports like playing badminton and football. He in fact started with playing football when he was in school until finally, he discovered his interest in cricket. Playing your favorite sport is a great way to achieve fitness. You enjoy doing it, and you are able to spend more time than you would at the gym. Sports help you keep your entire body fit and shaped.

MS Dhoni Workout

MS Dhoni’s Diet Plan

Nothing is healthier than a balanced meal of Indian food. Indian food has a wide variety of foods to choose from for each purpose. There are so many options whether you want to have a protein-rich diet or carbohydrates, you will find so much you can eat from. And that’s why Dhoni does not find himself inclined to junk food. He eats food prepared at his home, and that’s it.

  • He has cornflakes, fruits, bread or parantha for breakfast along with a glass of milk.
  • His pre and post workout meals consist of a big glass of fresh juice or protein shake.
  • His lunch and dinner are simply any of ours – daal, chicken or paneer and a seasonal vegetable, roti or rice, salad, curd.
  • In his snack breaks Dhoni would simply grab a non-fancy sandwich with no cheese or some fruits.

Fruits or salad are the best options to satisfy your hunger. They keep your stomach full for longer so that you do not keep going into the kitchen to eat something unhealthy. Avoid eating packaged food items; they are not good for your body.

Drink lots of water in a day. Include foods rich in protein and containing good carbs for muscle strength. Milk and milk products should be taken every day to improve bone density as a sportsperson is extremely prone to injuries throughout their game. Follow these simple steps, and it will help you stay healthy.

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