Michael Phelps Workout Routine


Michael Phelps Workout Routine, Physical Stats & Workout Tips

Michael Phelps is a former American swimmer who has taken the sport to new heights. Born on 30 June 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Michael started his career with his first Olympics, when he was just 15 years of age and the journey stopped in 2012 Olympics whereby he declared his retirement.

He is the proud owner of 22 medals (comprising of individual events, Beijing Games). This naturally talented sports-person is also the world record holder in the 100 meter butterfly, 200 meter butterfly and 400 meter individual medley. In total he has won 71 medals (57 gold/ 11 silver/ 3 bronze).

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Apart from the medals, Phelps has been honored with various awards such as FINA Swimmer of the Year Award in 2012, Sportsman of the Year award by Sports Illustrated, USOC SportsMan of the Year Award and many more.

Michael Phelps Workout lasts for around 6 hours a day (6 times a week).


Michael Phelps Physical Stats

Michael Phelps Height: 6’4’’

Michael Phelps Weight: 194 pounds (88 kg)


Michael Phelps Workout Routine


Michael Phelps training can be categorized into three parts:


Part 1

6 sets of (50 free, 50 side kick, 50 fly drill, 50 pull buoy, 50 im, 50 im) 20 X 100 on 1:15

6 sets of (25 fly-50 free- 25 fly)

500 strokes (50 kicks – 50 drill)

2000 timed kick stroke
(done free with a board and held per 500 (5:48.9-5:47.5-5:46.0-5:39.6))
4 X 100 IM drill continuously.)

10 sets of 200 on 3:00 odd = free /moderate

10 sets of 200 on 3:00 even = fly/ fast

4 speed sets of 24 X 25 fly on 30 minute (1-ez drill, 1-no breath, 1-sprint)

500 abdominal exercises and static stretching



Part 2

800 mixer on 10.30

4 X 150 kick on 2:30 (50 stroke – 50 free- 50 stroke)

400 pull with buoy on 5:00 (breathe 3-5-7-9 by 100)

200 stroke on 3:00

10 X 50 on 45 minutes (2-25kick/25drill 2-25free/25stroke 1-stroke)

4×50 on 1:30

1×50 1:20

1×50 1:10

1×50 1:00

1×50: 50 minutes

1×50 40 minutes

1×50 30 minutes

Long swim down
100-200-300 pull (lung-busters by quarters)
400 choice kick
300-200-100 IM drills


Speed & Endurance Training:

Vertical kicking

Underwater kicking


Training gear in water

training paddles


kick boards




Weightlifting regimen:

3 sets of Standing Dumbbell Press of 10-16 reps

3 sets of Dumbbell Front Raise of 10-16 reps

3 sets of Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raise of 10-16 reps

Compound exercises for flexibility training for Better Swimming


Michael Phelps Workout Tips


–          Keep your goals nearby i.e. They must act as a daily reminder and motivation factor.

–          Become friends with the Weight room and make sure it makes you work much harder.

–          Learn from your mistakes.

–          Have a proper and apt rhythm for working out.

–          Be your own critic. Always try to find for faults and repair them.


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