Jillian Michaels Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Jillian Michaels is a professional American fitness trainer and very famous for her appearance in Biggest Loser (an American body transformation competition reality show.) Her workouts are as world-famous as she is with many celebrities and non-celebrities following her footpath. So, in this article, we have covered all that we could gather about her diet plan, her workouts, and some tips that she could give out to people who are looking to transform their lives!

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels’ Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: February 18
  • Birth Date: 1974
  • Height: 5’3 / 160 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg/ 115 lbs.
  • Breasts: 36 inches
  • Waist: 24 inches
  • Hips: 34 inches
  • Body Measurement: 36-24-34

Jillian Michaels’ Workout Routine

Having a balanced body starts with having balanced workouts where Jillian trains all the major muscle groups once a week. She squeezes her workouts 3 to 4 times per week. All her workouts are 30 – 45 minutes and she also does yoga once a week to maintain that agility and flexibility. Being an entrepreneur and a mom is not always easy. But she has some strategies which she applies to her routine. Her workout routine is also targeted at people who have less time but still like to keep fit.

Jillian Michaels Workout

And this comes with giving all her energy and effort into her 30-45 minutes workouts. She says, “When I go, I go hard.” And that’s the trick! She has a bit of everything in her workouts and she calls them “movement possibilities.” Her favorite activities include bodyweight training, free running, MMA training, calisthenics, and yoga. “That’s the stuff I like to do,” she said in an interview. Here are some activities that she does throughout the week.

Monday: 10-minute lower body workout

For this 10-minute lower body workout, you just need a mat, and dumbbells of your choice. The workout intervals are not too long so remain focused on when to switch. Make sure to also warm up before with some stretches as these are dynamic movements. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout as per your standards.


  1. Jump rope
  2. Lunge stretches
  3. Butt kicks
  4. Skaters
  5. Sumo squats
  6. Static sumo with calf raises
  7. Pendulum lunge (right leg)
  8. Pendulum lunge (left leg)
  9. Jump jack squat touching the ground
  10. Alternating side lunges
  11. Gliding slide lunge with an elbow to knee
  12. Alternating crossover lunges
  13. Good mornings
  14. Romanian deadlifts
  15. Chair squats
  16. Squat jacks

She performs each movement for 30 seconds before making a switch. One can reduce or increase their intensity as per their fitness level.


  1. Standing toe taps
  2. Arm circles
  3. Standing leg raises (right side)
  4. High knees
  5. Standing leg raises (left side)
  6. Hand-to-heel taps
  7. Walkout planks
  8. Everest climbers
  9. Superman hold
  10. Hollow man hold
  11. Bicycle crunches
  12. Hip raise side plan (left side)
  13. Crow to Chaturanga
  14. Running plank moguls
  15. Hip raise side plank (right side)
  16. Thrusters
  17. Squirms

Jillian Michaels

For the following workouts, you only need a set of dumbbells (light to moderate) and a yoga mat.


  1. Behind the back jumping jacks
  2. Diagonal toe taps
  3. Jab cross and half squats
  4. Deep goddess squats
  5. Sun salutes
  6. Alternating donkey kicks and bear
  7. Bear kicks (left side)
  8. Hero push-ups
  9. Bear kicks (right side)
  10. Renegade rows
  11. Burpee rows with wide grip
  12. Alternating crossover lunges with curls
  13. Crescent pose (left leg) with tricep kickbacks
  14. Warrior 3 (left side) with reverse flys
  15. Crescent pose (right leg) with tricep kickbacks
  16. Warrior 3 (right side) with reverse flys

Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred

Jillian Michaels has devised a 30-day fat burn program called 30-Day Shred. It includes 20 minutes of high-intensity workouts that are to be done daily for 30 days in a row. So how does it work? You need very minimal things: a yoga mat and a few dumbbells that you can lift easily. These 20-minute workouts are designed into three levels. The program starts with level 1 which continues for the first ten days, the next ten days are level two, and the final ten days are level 3.

  • Level 1: Level 1 is for beginners who have just started. This one is to get the people