Erase My Back Pain Review (Back to Life)

Pain in the back is pretty irritating because it affects the daily life. Sitting on the chair for a very long period of time increases the pain. Activities like walking or lying down do not seem comfortable either. In this case, people take high doses of medicines to kill the soaring pain but to no avail. The high doses of medicines also cause side effects on other organs too. Painkillers cause other problems like the abnormal function of the kidney and other vital organs too.

Erase My Back Pain Review

Erase My Back Pain, very apparent from the name, is a back pain relief plan that has been particularly created to assist those people who have trouble standing or sitting for a longer period of time due to back pain. It is not unusual to sense sciatic pain. In fact, back pain is so extensive and common that four out of five people endure it at least once in their life.

Erase My Back Pain also comes with video guidance, an e-book manual, and a checklist so that you can check out the exercise that you have done. This series of exercises just take 10 minutes to perform. This program is developed by Emily Clarke which is very effective. Emily is one of the topmost fitness influencers, so the product is pretty reliable.

My Story:

Hello, my name is Dora K. Herrera, I’m 42 years old. I need to tell everyone about my experience with the course. Erase My Back Pain, which I purchased to reduce and recover from my sciatica so that I could feel relief and tranquility, and not perceive the pain that I had to bear for a long time.

If you have the same problem, I assume you have come to the right place too. If it helped me, it will help you too. No matter what your sex is, back pains can be really irritable and would let you stick to the bed and don’t let you do your day to day things.

Erase My Back Pain is exactly what will help you once you discover what it has to offer to you. Be ready to be surprised.

Thus, I would like to give you my honest review with this product where I would like to add both the good and the bad about this product because I don’t want to keep a secret at all. I would give my final verdict at the end where you can decide if it is for you or not.

My difficulty with sciatica was the result of a household event. I was busy doing the home chores when I felt intense pain as soon as I bent to pick up my kids’ toys. I could not hold myself up so I dropped on the furniture. I called a friend in the neighbor who had to rush in since my husband was traveling for work. My entire body was numb and the only thing I could feel was a pull in my lower back.

I was in a fix and I began to think all negative thoughts. It came to me that it was the beginning of a serious problem. However, no matter how much rest I took, with each passing day the pain grew more intense and there was a point when it waa beyond my tolerance level.

At this point in time, I was only taking pain killers but it only helped me calm down for some time and the pain returned back as soon as the effect of the medicine wore down. It got to a point when the pain was unbearable so I went to see my family doctor who diagnosed me with a back pain condition called sciatica.

Erase My Back Pain Review

What is Erase My Back Pain? This is an online coaching plan where you will be told some effective exercises. Sciatica, spinal stenosis, and mid back pain can be rectified with this extensive program. So, booking an appointment with a physiotherapist would only lead to a waste of your money.

Erase My Back Pain is a great program and a better alternative for chemically induced drugs. It only needs you to require 10 minutes from your daily routine. If you feel your back pain is here to stay, Erase My Back Pain by Emily Clarke would teach you some great stretches. It also gives you some exercises that you can do to tone your body in general.

Both males and females can make use of this program no matter what their age is. It includes a series of simple videos and checklist along with two free bonus. If you search about it, there are positive reviews on Amazon and other websites about Erase My Back Pain.

This program also gives you some core strengthening exercises which will help you perform some daily activities with ease. Erase My Back Pain also shows you some breathing exercises and how you can work your muscles effectively.

How does Erase My Back Pain work?

Emily Lark’s program is not just about exercises and stretches but she also tells you about certain dietary changes to get some appropriate results. Emily also tells you about some natural herbs that you can use in your diet for pain relief.

Emily also gets you through some stretches that will help you diminish the back pain completely and even relieve muscle tension. Emily’s plan is a proven scientific course to enhance the well-being of your back and eliminates any faults in the body while stimulating and toning your abdominal muscle.

The order of stretches and movement will help you balance your endurance levels, unlock the body’s health, and improve flexibility. Erase my back pain plan is backed up by scientific pain research, kinesiology, and exercise science.

Emily created and made this program in three video part series that tells that you back pain is healed and your health improves. She also tells you about posture imbalances and a good routine that will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles. A weak core is one of the reasons behind back pain.

Now, let’s find out about the lady behind this exceptional plan.

Who is Emily Lark?

Emily Lark is one of the most popular fitness and wellness coach in the USA. She is one of the best ladies in yoga, fitness, and Pilates instructors in America(US). Besides, she has been teaching this fitness training for more than 10 years. She also has opened her own fitness and wellness studio in 2014. She has many similar programs that shape the overall body.

At the age of 12, Emily faced a car accident which resulted in the injury of her back pain. She even tried to consult the best doctors possible for her pain. She was advised to take a backs surgery in the end but Emily refused to do so. Instead, she searched for a non-surgical procedure to cure her back.

She then found a series of 10 minutes exercise that she did to help get rid of the back pain permanently. When you buy the program, you’ll see that Emily also explains many more things that will help you get relief from back pain problems.

Does Erase my back pain work?

Yes. Erase My Back Pain does work pretty effectively. But everyone needs a proof. The reviews of this product make it clear that it is one exceptional one. It has all five-star reviews on its official website because of the long-lasting effects that it shows.

It is a daily 10-minute routine that would work naturally to elevate your pain. Emily’s back exercises are easy and have kept in mind the comfort levels which are very easy to follow and will help you alleviate your pain. Her guide is backed up by proper research and scientific method that will help you regain your strength back.

Obesity, accidents, strain in muscle or ligament, heavy lifting, and positions are some of the basic reasons for back pain. The exercises mentioned in Erase my back pain will not only help you treat your pain but will also help you tone your muscles and improve energy levels.

This plan is divided into three parts, which incorporate video section, user manual, and checklist ebook and free bonus. The guidelines in this manual are very easy to understand. Erase my Back pain videos are so popular that many people have tried to copy it and put it on youtube, but those are just short tutorials and not the full program. With the full plan, you get two sets of videos.

The only difference between the two videos is that one has music and you can perform with the trainer, Emily Clarke herself. The other video has no background music. The video will also tell you some steps that will make it easy for you to understand the exercises correctly. It will just need 10 minutes from yoru daily routine.

It is important that during this plan you keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water. This is important because dehydration can lead to soreness in muscles and fatigue. Soreness is caused when lactic acid builds up in the body. Erase My Back Pain user manual has short descriptive videos that will give you detail on each exercise in detail. This pdf file has 22 pages. It also has a checklist through which you can manage your goals and it also provides tips and tricks to maintain a good posture.

Erase My Back Pain Exercises

Erase My Back Pain and Sciatica

There is not just a single kind of back pain. There are many. It also includes cross syndrome and pain due to bad posture. All these problems will be eliminated by following Erase My Back pain guide. But does it really work in pains like Sciatica? Well, as a matter of fact, Emily herself suffered from sciatica in the past, and to overcome this pain, she followed a set of guidelines along with some exercises without going to any doctor or using any harmful medicines.

Erase My Back Pain Levels

The back pain can range from being mild to being very severe. It also varies from person to person. It doe snot let the person enjoy a normal life. Emily has divided the exercise into levels. So the first level includes exercises done on the chair. It is because people feel so much pain that they cant continue lying on the floor for other stretches. That’s why lying exercises are done in level 3.


It is level 1 or the basic exercise plan that includes exercises done on a chair. This would help you get back to the normal lifestyle.


People are not recommended to jump to level 2 and 3 exercises without completing level 1 exercises. It totally depends on the stamina of the person or how comfortable he feels to jump on the next level. The guide doesn’t force you to do anything.

You will have to master each level before you could jump to another level. The guide recommends starting slow and easily move forward to another level. Here is a brief explanation of the exercises for you:

Level 1 (Forward fold)

The first level is pretty simple to follow with the easy guidelines that accompany it. You can perform these exercises sitting on a chair or a sofa. You do not need any equipment for this. It will help your body warm-up.

You can experience some muscle soreness due to exercises that can be avoided if you keep yourself well hydrated. All you have to do is sit on a chair and then move yoru body forward and downward with your abdomen and chest touching the thighs. This would help you back muscles to be stretched.

Level 2 (Forward fold)

At this level, the difficulty is definitely increased. It is an advanced one. You need to perform this exercise slowly. You can also use some support if you want to avoid injury or for better stability. It can be performed on a floor by spreading a yoga mat or doing it on a carpet.

You do not need a chair to perform these exercises. You need to stand straight and bend your back down with your hands touching the knees. After this position, try touching your knees slowly. Breathe and allow yourself to feel calm and relaxed.

According to the reviews of Back to Life Erase my Back Pain, with these levels, you can see improvement within a matter of a few days.

Is Erase My Back Pain scam or is it legit?

Honestly speaking, Erase my Back Pain is not a scam, it is a legit product where the coach will help you throughout your journey. Emily Lark would give you all that you need to know about exercises and stretches.  These exercises and stretches are scientifically tested and have been proven to unleash your back pain no matter what form is it. This will help you eliminate your pain totally and also help your core muscles to tighten up.

This stretches will help you improve your balance, flexibility, and even abdominal strength. This will not only help you make your back strong but also tone your body. There is no much scope for complications with this one because it is based on science. It has no side effects so you do not have to worry about it.

What are the features of the program/Inside the plan?

This plan doe snot only comes with a bunch of videos but with a proper guide. Here, Emily herself tells about different kinds of things like dietary recommendations. She will give you a fully comprehensive guide that will provide you relief from back pain.

You will also get a checklist that will come in a pdf format and would help you to gather more information about your condition. It will not only give you steps to reduce back pain but eliminate neck pain too.

These are the overall framework of the plan:

  • Education on sudden fits of back pain by healing tendon, muscle, and nerve tensions.
  • Best documented sleeping habits to assist you in relieving from back pain.
  • 10-15 minute routine of some basic exercises and stretches.
  • The correct posture of standing, walking, and sitting.
  • Nutritional suggestions: what you should eat and not eat to support you in relieving from chronic back pain and sciatica.

Where to download Erase my back pain?

So have you finally thought of relieving your back pain and body aches and bring your body back to life? The whole package is just a download away. Emily Clarke also has a lot of discounts that she wants to offer. Here are the two discounted versions of the products that you can download:

Digital download of back to life program with all three parts for $37 instead of $99.95

Digital download with hard copies of back to life program for $37 instead of $99.95

To buy Emily back to life program, you need to log into their official website, It is easily known from the reviews that the program is pretty affordable. It only costs about 37 dollars. You will also get access to a free customer support by contacting at

Bonus and Deals

The program itself is pretty value for money kind of deal. However, besides the plan, you will also get two bonuses. It makes it even more worth it to buy the product. These two bonuses will help you eliminate the pain completely and would also benefit your overall health.

These are the two bonuses that are inclusive with the Erase My Back Pain plan:

Back2Life Yoga video for Bedtime Back Relief: This first bonus video would give you some effective stretches and exercises for relieving your backache. You can follow this routine before you go to bed because this will help you to relieve the stress that has been accumulated throughout the day.

Back2Life Guided Meditation Audio series: This audio series is prepared by Emily Lark using her yoga experience. It will help you release stress and pain by means of yoga and meditation.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you think that no program would be of any use for your back pain, not even this Erase my Back Plan plan by Emily Clarke, she is pretty confident that it will, and thus, she provides a 100 percent money-back guarantee with it. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back within the next 3 to 4 business days. So you don’t have to worry about your money getting drowned. It is safe.

The Goods and Bads Of Back To Life

The Advantages

Natural and effective treatment

You can be trying out the conventional method of treating the pain by consuming a lot of painkillers. However, the studies would that consuming such drugs has side effects that might worsen your well being and affect other vital organs.

If you do not want to go for a surgery or take a heap full of medications, then this Erase My Back Pain plan is a great way to improve your muscle flexibility. The studies have shown that such natural remedies have proven to produce significant and positive results.

This Erase My Back Pain not only corrects your problems naturally but also removes it from the roots.

Easy to implement

This Erase My Back Pain plan is super easy to implement because it is based on a set of rules and instructions which are super easy o understand. There is nothing complicated about the guidelines.

Improves your quality of life

If you have been facing back issues for a lot of time, you might want to give Erase My Back Pain a try. Based on reviews, many users have faced back troubles for years, however, many of them have also reported that after using Erase My Back Pain, they were able to evade the pain naturally and effectively withing few weeks. It also improved the quality of their sleep and try were even able to move without much pain. They resumed their normal course of activities.

Useful Bonus

You also get two awesome bonuses when you purchase Erase My Back Pain plan. It is a one-time payment and you get lifetime access of it. The already discusses bonuses serve as a great complementary set.

The Disadvantages

Only available in digital format only

It does not have a physical manual and is only available in the form of videos or pdfs. You can get it downloaded from its online website only.

Erase my back pain pdf is not for everyone

Erase My Back Pain is a plan that requires persistence, patience, and hard work. So if you are not motivated enough to eliminate your back pain forever, then this plan is not for you. We suggest that you just not waste your time and energy on this plan if you are not dedicated enough. There is a lot of information that this product has to offer, so you will have to put in some effort.

Here is a list of pros and cons in a very concise manner that you can see:


  • The Erase My Back Pain plan benefits you to get back your natural health for your body.
  • This program is intended for everybody who is experiencing back pain.
  • This will not squander your precious time- it takes hardly 10 minutes to do per session for the day.
  • This plan not only encourages you to remedy sciatica, but it also benefits you by toning your body.
  • Emily suggests you some dietary tips which are also useful for you essentially if you have no idea that diet is an important part of stretches and exercise.
  • The instructional videos are very simple to follow and are pretty straightforward.
  • You don’t need any unusual types of equipment because you will require only a Yoga mat and a little space.
  • The program is clearly worth your time and money and encourages you to heal back pain enduringly.
  • The program offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you are risk-free. If the program does not help you eliminate pain, then you can get your money back.


  • To get access to the program: you should purchase from the official website only.
  • It is accessible online. So you would require a good internet connection to obtain it. (UPDATE: Now you can also get a DVD copy)
  • The customer support is only available on the email. So you can send them an email if you have any queries and they will solve it out as soon as possible.
  • Not following all the instructions correctly might lead to adverse effects. So make sure you follow all the guidelines properly.

Is The Program Right for you?

The program is right for you if you constantly suffer from such kinds of pain even when it comes from being in a wrong posture. Sitting and working on the computer for long durations of time is one of the most common causes of back pains. If you add some back strengthening exercise into your routine, you can get some relief from it.

However, most people are too lazy to get to the gym or even to the park to get some fresh air. This is how muscle pain builds up and leads to something more aggressive and big. If you are someone who has had a long history of back issues, then this program is definitely for you. In this plan, age, height, weight, gender, etc does not matter because it is designed for everyone.

The creator of this program has even added a 60-day money-back guarantee for you so if you do not see any results, you can get your money back by option for it.

What Can You Expect If You Follow This Program?

I know that this issue is going on in your brain: “Exactly how quickly this will work for me?” There is absolutely no idea how long it will take for each individual to show results. It can vary according to the gravity of the issue and the situations. However, there are two main factors that can still help you decide on it.

  1. Type of your pain in the back.
  2. The amount of effort you put in.

   1. Nature of the pain in your back

People would suffer from different kinds o back pain and all back pains are not the same. The most popular examples are arthritis, bad posture, sciatica, past injury, back pain from pregnancy, etc. Then there are also people who suffer from back pain due to previous therapies or surgeries like chemotherapy which cause different kinds of pains in the back.

   2. The amount of effort your put in

The people who have bought this plan have seen a major improvement within a little time while others got to see the results after a few more days. So it depends on person to person. However, it is important that you stick to the plan and do not leave the sessions midway. Do not feel motivated if you do not see results immediately enough. Make sure that you are following all the guidelines effectively.

Make any decision only after you have finished the program because some people might take more time than others to elevate their back pain.

Erase My Back Pain Real User Reviews

It is important in today’s world that you see a few testimonials before you make your mind to buy the products so you get the idea of what are people saying. Here are some customer reviews for you:

“After reading Emily Lark back to life reviews, I tried this program for my sciatica. Although I am on level one; but still I can feel the difference. Erase my back pain pdf version helps to understand all the postures.” Elizabeth.R

“I must say if you want to stretch your core muscles and say goodbye to your back problems permanently, then consider trying this program. It is a great fun activity, and it has helped me a lot.”- Natasha

“The creator of the program explained every step in detail. Nutritional tips provided by Emily are beneficial and help to maintain yourself.”  – James.T

The FAQ About Erase My Back Pain

Q. How can I get rid of back pain at home?

Answer: To eliminate your back pain at home, you need to follow the steps in Erase My Back Pain plan and o to some extra measures like applying hot pack or ice packs to the affected areas.

Q. How do I fix my back pain?

Answer: Besides following the Erase My Back Pain plan, you need to get on a healthy diet. Your workout routine must have some back strengthening exercises with some yoga and meditation exercises that will help you get rid of the pain.

Q. How do you release lower back pain?

Answer: The lower back pain can be easily eliminated by following the Erase My Back Pain diligently and remaining persistent and positive throughout the whole course. A good workout and diet would definitely add to it.

Q. What is the best treatment for lower back pain?

Answer: To treat the lower back pain, you need to do some simple exercises like yoga and meditation in addition to the Erase My Back Pain plan. You also need to improve your diet.

Conclusion/ My Final Verdict

If you are suffering from chronic back pain for a very long time and are looking for solutions that doe snot involve any side effects, then this Erase My Back Pain plan would work perfectly well for you. It is a comprehensive solution for all your pain-needs. It is worth it because many positive reviews have been thrown towards it.

The plan is designed for everyone no matter what their age, sex, height or weight is. It can help almost everyone. This is a very cheap and effective plan that is available for only 37 dollars. The best part is that you will also get so great bonus along with it. It is so much more inexpensive than chiropractic treatment.

Ther is no better way of getting back to your daily usual life than to follow these steps mentioned in Erase My Back Pain plan. Remain positive and do not let your condition get worse. You can easily access the Erase My Back Pain plan which is just a click away from you and can save you money.

I hope i was able to solve all your problems and queries regarding this amazing product. It helped me in my troubled times and I hope it does help you in yours as well. If you have any queries, you can also go to the customer support team. They are pretty efficient in replying and solving their customer’s problems.

So without wasting any more time, you should go in for the amazing Erase My Back Pain plan and make it worth your time and effort.

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