Best Workout Routine For Fat Loss

Nobody likes being fat but sadly; obesity hits 39% of the adults across the world. Body fat can arise due to many reasons. Some people are fat due to genetic reasons. Their parents were fat, so their genes made them overweight naturally. Others develop fat as they overeat continuously throughout the day. But above all, the most of today’s generation is overweight as they don’t indulge in any physical workout and stay like a couch potato 24X7.

  • Accumulation of fat around the body makes one lethargic and also puts him/her at the risk of serious health problems in the near future.
  • An overweight person feels shy to face the crowd and always overeats to overweigh such kind of complex.
  • But is this the right way to deal it?

Well, you can’t deny the fact that nobody in the history has ever been able to escape the reality. Overweight is an issue faced by nearly half of the population, not just you. So, take a deep breath and find ways to lose those extra kgs. This article has all the necessary workout information that you need to gather before kicking in. Fat looks bad wherever it sits, be it arms, stomach, hips or thighs. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to say goodbye to the extra fat irrespective of wherever your target area is.

Let’s discuss the most basic workout and exercise plan for fat loss:

  • Out of 7 days in a week, you should invest at least 3-4 days working out on fat burning exercises.
  • For beginners, it is best to start your workout routine by introducing yourself to cardio.
  • Start hitting the gym twice a week and then gradually increase the no. of visits per week as you build up stamina.
  • Your trainer will not just guide you to perform the right type of exercises but also ensure that you stay motivated over the coming days.
  • Fat loss needs patience and a lot of consistency.
  • Many people try to follow a diet and exercise routine but end up losing hopes very easily.
  • Nothing that is worth comes easy!


If you’re training and then eating an extra 400 calories in the evening, the whole workout sounds useless. Also, burning calories doesn’t mean that you have to starve. Choosing right things to eat along with cardio, aerobics, and exercises can help solve this struggle. If you follow your workout regime strictly, then nobody can stop you from owning that lean and toned body that you always dreamt of. There are many workouts available for fat loss and once may easily choose one as per their convenience.

  • A few exercises that one can start for fat loss are goblet squats, lunges, planks, cardio, running and then eventually lead to high strengthening exercises such as weight training on alternate days.
  • For every workout, you plan to do, do it in repetitions to put more impact on body fat.
  • Work out till you are sweaty and tired.
  • They say that “sweat is fat crying.” And indeed, this is true.
  • The more sweat your body releases, the more calories are shed away.
  • Sprints are also a great way for body strengthening and sharpening. It keeps your body lean and fit.

Another effective way to lose fat is to join an aerobics dance class.


You lose fat along with enjoying the dance sessions. Exercise in terms of alternate exercises, i.e., performing a heavy exercise that raises your heart rate and then afterward doing a medium pace exercise can work. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, these tips are for anyone who is in the battle against body fat.

Make deadlifts and different forms of squats such as squat jump, squat to press a part of your workout routine. These exercises are best known to target thighs, hip region, and the hamstring. People also rely on yoga for weight loss. Yoga is also effective if you don’t prefer doing these heavy exercises and weightlifting techniques.


These exercises give best results when collaborated with a decent eating routine arrangement as both eating right and working out are equally vital for any weight loss regime.

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