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Ganesh Acharya Workout Routine & Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The fatso you saw in ABCD is not so fat anymore. Choreographer Ganesh Acharya has lost 85 kilos in just one year, almost impossible to believe but it’s true. It’s a huge achievement for someone who has weighed 200 kilos most of his life. He was always determined so he finally made it happen. In

Top 3 Lower Back Pain Exercises

Nowadays, people experience lower back pain problems because of various reasons. The muscle strain effect that you experience when your back twists unexpectedly or when you exert force on it is among the most common factors that contribute to the aforementioned back pain problems. Besides that, your muscle may tear and in effect, make your

5 Daily Exercises for Fitness

What is fitness? In today’s world, fitness is the new mantra. Infomercials, opinions, fitness routines and exercises overload us, so here is my question to you how do you sift through all of these data and select that one exercise routine regime to follow? In fact these infomercials keep yapping about being healthy and fit

Insanity Workout Routine

What you should expect For those looking to join the fitness bandwagon, Insanity by Shawn T is a vehicle that not only gets you to your destination of being uber fit, on the way you also pick up a few 6 packs. Even for those who are absolute pumpkin and have little or no experience

Easy Home Exercises

Can’t go out to gym or don’t have enough time for your workouts and need to do home exercises, checkout these easy home exercises that give you the best result of  health, physique and fitness,  and that too without any equipment. Many studies done by several independent agencies clearly indicates that our life style and